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Birmingham brass-founder:
Brass Candlestick Maker, Bell Founder, Cock Founder (brass taps, stopcocks etc).

Business variously at 39-40 and 41 Gt Hampton St.

Brass Founding was invented in Birmingham in the 1820s! 
Fiddian, William Gentleman (Brass Founder) (I37)
2 !835-1876 the first Master of the Slaithwaite National School Mellor, John (I155)
3 "Little Aunt" Roberts, Jane (I138)
4 'Fiddian' ring and tail tap connections were still on sale in Australia in 1945, over 100 years after the Fiddian Brass founding business was sold to James Barwell who kept the 'Fiddian' trademark. In the 1910s there were also several ads for Fiddian Brassware arriving in Australia by the barrel load from England. Fiddian, William Gentleman (Brass Founder) (I37)
5 1) Married cousin Elizabeth Pollard
2) Married heiress of James Parkinson of Horton 
Brooksbank, Gilbert (I461)
6 A Breton captive who became his concubine.  Family F2155
7 Aboard the SS City of Paris sailing out of Port Said the ship was torpedoed and sunk off the Gulf of Lion. Moulton, his friend Dr J Rendel Harris and several others managed to escape in a lifeboat, but James died aged 53 on the third of the four days it took the boat to reach Corsica. He was buried at sea on 9 April.  Moulton, Rev Prof Dr James Hope Fiddian D Litt (I1048)
8 Actually only his birth was registered in the Baptist records as he was too young to be baptised. Fiddian, Rev Samuel Gentleman (I17)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. White, Jimmy (I5180)
10 AKA Edward of Shipley Brooksbank, Edward (I377)
11 Along with his brother, he died at the Siege of Acre. de Ferrers, Lord Walkelin Lord of Egginton (I3885)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. (Fiddian or) Fordham, Amy Charlotte (I7395)
13 Although the RAF was formed on 1 Apr 1918 Army ranks were still used until 1 Aug 1919. Hunter, Alfred James (I8199)
14 An alternative view is that he was a Breton, from St Donan in Brittany with possible Cornish ancestry. de Swynnerton, Alan (I4437)
15 At some point he deserted Emma Louisa and as he remarried in 1862 they were presumably divorced.  Family F3360
16 Baptism was also registered at the Paternoster Row Wesleyan Methodist Registry in London. Fiddian, Mary Paull (I25)
17 Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Clarke, Benjamin Thomas (I3477)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fiddian, Nicolette Elizabeth Leaford (I745)
19 Born late 1670? Entries missing from Parish Register Brooksbank, William Yeoman (I262)
20 Born only one month after his parents married. White, Robert (I1679)
21 Born six months after the wedding, so might explain why christening was in neighbouring village.  White, Hannah Wright (I6584)
22 Descendant of William the Conqueror Coke, Celia Dorothy (I1378)
23 Described as a Gent living at Magdeburgh place. Fiddian, Charles Gentleman (I520)
24 Died during the Third Crusade at the Seige of Acre, Jerusalem.  de Ferrers, Lord William 3rd Earl of Derby (I3881)
25 died in the trenches at the Battle of the Somme Moulton, Lieut William Ralph Osborn (I1052)
26 Died of a heart attack. Has a memorial in Wesley's Chapel, London Moulton, Rev Dr William Fiddian BA, MA, DD (I516)
27 Died of childbed fever 17 days after Ernest was born. Goddard, Jessie Dalrymple (I4282)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1959
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F204
30 During their separation he had several passionate and sometimes simultaneous affairs. Family F1988
31 Edward of Wilsden
Paid 10 not to become a Knight! 
Brooksbank, Edward (I401)
32 Edward of Wilsden Brooksbank, Edward (I399)
33 Fiddian & Newey, Architects and Surveyors, 3 Cherry Street Birmingham.
Operated around 1830-1850 or longer.

Isaac Newey was his partner. 
Fiddian, Frederick William Esq (I528)
34 Founder of Thornton Grammar School Ellis, James (I433)
35 General Surgeon Fiddian, Dr Richard Vasey MA, MB BChir, MRCS, FRCS, MChir (I14)
36 Gilbert of Thornton and Horton
Executor of John of Thornton's will 
Brooksbank, Gilbert (I434)
37 Handloom Weaver Brooksbank, William (Farmer/Weaver) (I106)
38 He is likely of Scandinavian origin, probably Norwegian, but whether he was born in Norway or the Orkneys is uncertain.  Linklater, Christe Gentleman (I4652)
39 Her death registration gives her date of birth as 16 Sep 1888. Either way she was born only four months after her parents married. Probably in an attempt to cover up her early birth she was not baptised until a year after her parents marriage. Auntie Hannah, as we knew her, was a deeply religious Methodist and would have been mortified to know she was conceived out of wedlock. It is possible though that this was kept a secret even from Hannah herself.  Brooksbank, Hannah (I301)
40 Her given name was also written as Adah. Adams, Ada (I977)
41 His birth was registered even though he had already died. Fiddian, Charles (I48)
42  Fiddian, Sergeant James Moulton (I630)
43 Illegitimate miscarriage of Sarah Dyson 1656
Miscarriage 1661 
Brooksbank, John (I342)
44 Illegitimate. Foot, Eliza (I6541)
45 In 1849, described as a gent, living at 35 Calthorpe St., Birmingham, with son William. It is believed that Thomas had the house built in 1829 by the architect John Fallows. Fiddian, Thomas Gentleman (I51)
46 In Anglo-Saxon England a number of Shires might be grouped together as an Earldom headed by a Chieftain or Earl (from the Scandinavian jarl). d'Avranches, Hugh Earl of Chester (I5731)
47 Iron Merchant Taylor, James Durrant (I200)
48 It appears he was poisoned de Ferrers, Lord John 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley (I3877)
49 John B of Shipley and Horton Brooksbank, John (I1166)
50 John of Allerton Brooksbank, John Yeoman (I413)

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