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101 Manager (Tea Trade) Mellor, Herbert Augustus (I160)
102 Married cousin John Pollard, Mary (I472)
103 Marrried cousin Gilbert Pollard, Elizabeth (I471)
104 Mary and Joseph were cousins; Joseph was also the cousin of Mary's first husband John.  Family F3454
105 May also have been:
Boot and Shoe Maker, Candle Maker (wax and spermaceti!), Broker for Palladium Insurance.

Business at 86 High Street.

Lived at Clifton Villa, Bristol Road 
Fiddian, Charles Esq (I54)
106 May have been his brother or cousin, or otherwise related. The Doomsday Book states that the Lord of Ampney St Peter in 1086 was Reinbald of Cirencester's brother. de Presbyter (Prater), Reinbald (I2960)
107 Mill Furnisher Taylor, Joseph (I199)
108 must have died prior to 1789 Brooksbank, Anne (I2065)
109 Oddly, he and his wife Ruth died on the same day at the same place but he was buried 5 days later whilst she wasn't buried until the following August (also at Norwood Cemetery). No explanation could be found for this.  Guntrip, Albert James (I9647)
110 Of Hallhouse Brooksbank, Thomas (I319)
111 On 29 Mar 1801 his birth was registered at the Cannon Street Baptist Church in Birmingham as he was too young to be baptised. Fiddian, Joseph (I41)
112 Paid 10 not to become a Knight! Brooksbank, Abraham (I417)
113 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2576
114 Pharmacist (according to census) Roberts, George William (Druggist) (I125)
115 Presumably he was base born as no father's name was given on his baptism record and his mother's surname was Wadge. Wedge, Tamisina (I9168)
116 Private. Phoenix, Bartholomew (I9536)
117 Profession - Artist (water colour)
Lived at Lamb Hey, Linthwaite 
Roberts, John Henry Graham Gentleman (I168)
118 Public Vault. Blackstone, Catherina (I8948)
119 Quaker birth. Pope, William (I9870)
120 Quaker marriage. Family F3897
121 Quaker marriage. Family F3898
122 Rather doubtful. Buckley, Henry Child (I8499)
123 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Vaughton, Shauna H (I5144)
124 Registrar who signed her birth certificate was George William Roberts (is this her grandfather?) Roberts, Audrey Jacqueline (Teacher) (I4)
125 Richard of Barnes Brooksbank, Richard (I379)
126 Sefton-Fiddian Cup presented to Postal History Society in 1947 Sefton-Fiddian, William Ralph (I891)
127 Senility. Bancroft, John (I8531)
128 She died in her 100th year, not quite making it a century. Brooksbank, Marion Beatrice (Dressmaker) (I93)
129 She had been Governess to his children. Family F1990
130 She had been his housekeeper in 1911. Family F3532
131 She was a widow with three daughters. Family F3641
132 She was a widow. Family F3465
133 She was a widow. Family F3901
134 She was already 7 months pregnant when they married. They divorced in 1932 after she had 2 children by an American journalist.  Family F1989
135 She was the widow of Maria's elder brother John Mark Buckley.  Family F3462
136 Sister of Elizabeth Godrich who married his brother Joseph. Family F3600
137 Some sources claim that he came from Saint Donan in Brittany and so was a Breton not a Norman. In the 5th and 6th centuries 3 tribes from Cornwall and South Wales came to that part of South-West France and so many Bretons have English ancestry.  de Standon, Brian Lord de Standon (I4422)
138 Son of a lay evangelist. Holdsworth, Rev William West BD (I7023)
139 Son of Sir Pryse Pryse Loveden, 1st Baronet of Gogardden but would die before him. Pryse, Pryse Pryse JP (I9050)
140 Stillborn, with mother dying too. Pope, Baby (I9880)
141 Stone effigies of Robert and his wife, Margaret Peverell, lie in the gatehouse Chapel of Merevale Abbey, near the village of Atherstone. de Ferrers, Lord Robert 2nd Earl of Derby (I3883)
142 Supposedly given a tea caddie as a wedding present by Florence Nightingale.  Family F3566
143 Surgeon
Lived at Lamb Hey, just by Linthwaite entrance to Spa Gardens 
Roberts, Dr William MRCS (I137)
144 Surgeon Roberts, Dr John (I134)
145 Surname recorded as Parfect. Perfect (Parfett), Barnard (I10199)
146 Taken on as apprentice by William Moore & Son, gunsmiths, 26 March 1722 for 7 years. Fiddian, Richard (I68)
147 The cause of death is given as gout, which he had suffered since his youth. Still he lived to 87! de Ferrers, Lord William 4th Earl of Derby (I3878)
148 The hierarchy of the English Gentry is generally described in descending order of rank as: baron, knight, esquire, gentleman, yeoman. Prater, John Esq (I2914)
149 The marriage had already fallen apart by 1901, but they did not divorce until 1921.  Family F1988
150 the marriage was conducted by his uncle, the Rev William Parker. Family F3628

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