Transcribed by Kerry Brooksbank in October 2006.

This charming diary was started in 1781 by Philippa Clitherow, daughter of Col James Clitherow, when she was 21 and not yet married to Benjamin Brooksbank (BB). She had only just met with the ‘very lively and agreeable young Mr Brooksbank’. They had a ‘quiet wedding’ the following year (1782).

The following month they went to ‘Mrs Snell’s house in Clapham’ [Mrs Snell was Benjamin’s mother who had married a second time] to a large formal party of relatives. ‘A grand dinner given. I felt all in a fright.’

For the next 50 years we have a unique glimpse into her charmed life as she bears her sons and daughters and travels, seemingly tirelessly, by horse-drawn carriage the length and breadth of the British Isles on socialising, business and holidays.

The most frequent trips are between her ancestral home at Boston Manor, now a tube stop on the Heathrow line, and what was to become the Brooksbank’s ancestral home at Healaugh.



1760    Philippa

1782    Married to Mr. Benjamin Brooksbank   - Stamp Brooksbank – Uncle London (?) - Mr. William B. – his uncle in Macclesfield-

            -- Henry B.- Mrs. Snell, his mum

1784    Mar 31st – Stamp born, Healaugh Manor started building

1785    July 16th Moved to Healaugh Manor

1785    Aug 21st Philippa born

1786    Sep 21st James born

1788    May 19th Joseph born

1789    Dec 19th Edward

1790    Jan 18th christening. Dec miscarriage

1791    Nov 20th Jane Dec 18th christening

1795    Feb 20th Martha

1803    Stamp to Uppingham

1804    Stamp to Cambridge

1808    Joseph to India

1809    Stamp Yaxley Barracks

1809    Joseph ? Lieut. B. stationed Cape Town

1811    Edward Cambridge – 3 year

1811    Joseph in India

1813    Stamp in Ireland

1813    Edward ordained

1813    Jane m John Raper

1813    Philippa left home

1814    Edward – Healaugh living

1815    James m Miss Raper (bad at business)

1815    Stamp m Miss Hunter – house at Alne

1816    First grandchild – John Harvey? – Jane’s child

1818    Second grandson born – Hackney (James)

1820    Edward – Tickhill

1820    Granddaughter Kathleen L.B. Raper

1825    James 3rd child died

1825    Edward m Miss Heywood at Stanley Hall

1826    Scotland

1826    Edward – son born, christening Sept.

1830    James living Durham

1831    Joseph married Miss James in Northumberland




A little account of my happy life when I was in my 21st year.

Went with my dear parents and my eldest sister and dearest Jane, a lovely young woman, to Brighton, a very gay public sea bathing place on September 10th. We were all much delighted and I was first introduced to Mr. Brooksbank, a very lively, agreeable Young Man. My sister, Jane, greatly admired by Mr. Baker who married her on the 27th November, three months after the first meeting, when all was settled. I felt very unhappy, never having seen Mr. Brooksbank since we returned from Brighton, thought he had quite forgotten me; really was sick at heart.

His first visit to Boston House was in two days after the wedding. To my great distress, my father being out, he was not let in. In a week’s time, he called again and staid to dinner to my very great joy. We met frequently and all was most happily settled, and my dear parents pleased.


On the 27th February, I was married to Dear Mr. Brooksbank. It was a very quiet wedding. I felt nervous but very happy. Mr. and Mrs. Snell came from Clapham to attend us to church, and dined at Boston. Their carriage, my Dear Father’s and Mr. B--, a handsome post chaise painted white. His manservant’s’ livery was drab and white, a nice pair of black horses. The dinner hour, 3 o’clock, then Tea and Coffee at six.

My beloved Mother attended me, with my husband in the evening to Hatchford 16 miles from Boston, near Cobham in Surrey, a very nice handsome white house, a pretty situation – Mrs. Snell was Mr. Brooksbank’s own mother married a second time. They departed home to Clapham in the evening,

28th. My Dear Father came to dine with us and took my mother home in the evening,

29th. Our next visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Page, our nearest neighbours, living at Pointers.

March 8th we went to Mrs. Snell’s at Clapham to be introduced to a large formal party of relations. A grand dinner given. I felt all in a fright. We slept there, went to Town the next day, went to Boston to see my Beloved family. Staid 3 nights then home to Hatchford – my next pleasure was riding to Boston. Staid again 3 nights – on the 23rd, Mr. Bond Hopkins came to dinner, staid Sunday with us - A cousin of my husbands. On the 26th, my dear Father and Mother and eldest sister came to stay a few days (Mr. Snell was guardian of 2 Miss Knights, Earl of Lovelace’s daughters). Mr. and Mrs. Snell, Miss Knight and Mr. Hood came to dinner with the Pointers from Pages.

Apl 2nd Mrs. Page brought Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain to see us. The Bakers arrived from Town. Staid 2 nights. We returned to Town with them and staid a few days. Returned home on the 11th with Bonds at Wimbleton.

Oct 28th To Healaugh in two days in post chaise with post horses. I made a shirt for my dear Husband, could work very well in the carriage and had no other employment in the village. In our month at Hh saw much of the Wentworths at Tolston.

Nov. 19 Set out for Hatchford, arr 29. My good Husband was decided to live in Yorkshire and sell pretty Hatchford – several people to look at our house. Rode a beautiful hunter called Puny. Christmas at Boston.


Parties, including a late dinner at 4 in Jan. Feb. social calls. Mar visit Bakers in Portman Sq – a play one evening, an oratorio next and opera third. 31st the first time my dear Husband had left me since our happy marriage.

April – rides and drives. Walked Pains Hill Gardens and Duke of Newcastle’s gardens. To Harrow School to hear my brother.

May to visit Hatfield House. Called on Governor Bourchier, a grand dairy with a quantity of china from India. An Elegant Evening Amusement at Ranelagh. Hatchford bought by Mr. Ransey. May 26 began to pack to leave the sweet place. A good sale “so I never said a word about going so far from all my Dear Relations and many kind friends”.

Epsom Races (30th). Mrs. Snell did not like to hear of us going to Yorks. Rode to sweet Hatchford, a sweet evening only 16 miles from dear Boston House and the delight in seeing my family so frequently was delightful. Therefore, it was very natural I felt a degree of sorrow, but as it was my beloved Husband’s wish to reside on his own property, I could not be so unkind as to make any objections. Therefore, took leave of my pretty Hatchford the next day.

To Boston. June 10th set out for Yorkshire.

15th arrived at a house called Little Askham, very large, very cold, very dull – only took it from year to year. Mr. Wentworth called. Mr. Carr and Mr. Lang called and dined re new house. – York Minster.

21st Fair at Boroughbridge. Called on Lade Hawke at Scarthingwell – took a drive to look at a situation for a new house. Lord and Lady Hawke Tead, extremely polite and friendly.

July. Many social calls Mr. Carr and Mr. Lang.

14th was bled. set out for Scarborough, slept at Malton. Small lodging in Long Room Street. Dances, Balls, drives on sands and inland. Whitby Abbey.

29th to Askham Mr. Carr and Mr. Land, drove to building ground. Returned to Scarborough, changed to better lodgings on the Cliff. Town very full. After a party at Hackness, our pretty black horses beat Mr. Ramsden’s grey horses. Ours so steady, they gained the glory without a single touch of the whip. This being Sunday was not a day for such amusement.

Aug 16. Returned to Askham. To York for Race Week. Races and play. Races and Ball. Races. Concert Ball. Aug 30. Returned to Askham for late dinner.

Sep. Social calls and shooting.

17-20 a little tour Masham, Middleham, Rippon.

23rd before breakfast to Harewood to ‘set’ Father and brother. Lady Winn.

Socialities in Oct with Marshalls, Capt. Hatfield, Mrs. Blennerhasset, Sir Wm Milner. Lord and Lady Hawke. Stapletons, Bourchiers, Carforths, Wentworths, Chtwin. New pony – rode over to Wentworths and rode several times with mrs.

Nov 4th Went over to new house to plant fruit trees from Mr. Tilford, gardener, York. Social visits paid and received.

Dec 16th. Dr. Belt, the York doctor, came to see me not being very well.

23rd Took a drive to York and brought old Mrs. Carforth back to stay a few days with us and Mrs. Wentworth came the next day, both kindly to amuse me, not being in high spirits. They were very cheerful old ladies and very attentive to me. We found ourselves rather lost in such a dismal household and winter weather made all appear worse. The good ladies left us on Sunday. SO ENDS THIS YEAR.

I was as well as could be expected in my happy situation. My dear husband was so very kind to me, seldom left me. I had a most clever, comfortable maid servant, Mrs. Jones, as my maid and housekeeper. She was engaged to be married and only staid with me one year.


Jan 1st. Set out to Boston House. Slowly. Doncaster 34 mls. Grantham 52. The Cock at Eaton (a most excellent Inn), Baldock, St. Albans and Boston. Quiet socialities – Snells, Marshalls, Robinsons, Neviles, Franks, Dr. Taylor and Mrs. Lewis, my dear mother’s sister, a most disagreeable old woman, her husband, a very vulgar low bred man. Socialities including a stay with the Bakers in Portman Sq. Mother headache, tired with large party, had more spirits than strength. Mr. Oliver bled me. Called on the Geo. Bonds (uncle of B.B.).

Jan 24 to 28. Return to Askham – with mother. B.B. hunting and Hunt Ball.

Mar. Hunt Ball. 30th unwell sent for Dr. Belt – slow labour for many hours – 8pm. 31st son born (Stamp). “Mr. B. the next morning made old Nurse Atkinson very angry because he would take the Baby to the window to see what colour his eyes were, and the ground was covered with snow, enough to blind the dear child. Got up the fourth day for a short time, recovered pretty well, but such cold weather kept me longer to my room. Nurse Atkinson left me at three weeks and I was so well, took a drive in the post chaise with my Dear Husband.

May 2nd. Christening. Lovely fair child, rather small and delicate. Felt very sorry I had no milk for him, tried some weeks but it did not do”. Parents leave. Visits with Sister Ann to Races and Minster, service etc.

Aug 30. Returned to Askham for a late dinner. Se. Social calls and shooting.

17-20 A little tour. Richmond, Middleham, Rippon.

23rd Before breakfast to Harewood to set Father and brother. Lady Winn and Miss Marshall. Drive to Marshalls at Newton Kyme, looked at new house on way back.

October socialities with Marshalls, Capt Hatfield, Mrs. Blennerhesset, Sir Wm Milner, Lord and Lady Hawke.


May 18th. We set out a little tour for a change of air and pleasure, paid the Ramsdens a little call at Carlton, breakfasted there. A particular account of this tour in a little book. My eldest sister with us. Spent a delightful fortnight. Saw much beauty. Called at Mr. William Brooksbank living at Macclesfield, an uncle of my Husbands. He was out but we dined with his wife and on our return to Buxton, met him and he spent the evening with us. Staid many days at Matlock, a sweet place. Returned home to enjoy the great pleasure in the sight of my beloved little Boy about two months old.

June 21st. Took a drive to Harrogate and fine places near. Socialities.

July 24th. York Assizes. Mr. B. rode to meet the Judges. Father and Mother arrived and family. 28th Father and family to Scarborough. 30th Went to the ball at the green out of Bootham on a fine summer evening, a very gay meeting. 31st To an elegant breakfast given my Mrs. Danby in York – the High Sherrif’s lady.

Aug 5th. Brother arrived and accompanied us to Scarborough. 6th After church out in a sailing boat. 11th Returned home as my Good Husband was very eager to look after his new house building. We frequently went to see the works. 13th. The Bakers came. All to the races. Arrive home 3am after ball.

Sept. Shooting. To Scarborough. Expenses in a little book 40 pounds. Met Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and the Bakers. Met Mrs. Lister and her daughter (later Mrs. Green of York and great friend).

Oct 3rd. Look at new house. Well engaged with our kind neighbours and looking after the new house. I felt it getting on wonderfully fast and was much amused in seeing it rise. The stables and offices and kitchen garden was built the year before the house, that was begun the day my dear little boy was born. 29th. Mr. Brooksbank went to a sale at Fryston Hall near to Ferrybridge and bought many things. Mr. B. with Lord Darlington’s Hunt went. Went hunting with Col. Thornton who came home with him and slept the night. I took a great dislike to him, a disagreeable forward man. I rode pillion to Healaugh.

Dec 15th. Set out to Boston with my dear little boy. 4 nights on road. Socialities. BONDS Lewis, Cockburns, Stephensons, Snells, Barnards. Dinner at Si Charles Goulds. The dear little boy was cutting his teeth and very feverish and unwell some days. A sweet delicate child.


Jan 7th. Went a party of six to dine with Mrs. Field and go to a play to see Mrs. Siddons act. Socialities Bonds, Snells, Stephensons, Chamberlains.

Feb 2nd. Set off on return. 5th at Askham. 11th Old Mr. Carr breakfasted with us. Visits eg. Mrs. Lister and Mrs. Geo Wilson in York.

Mar 4th. Took lodgings in York for the Assizes. Party to see the Judges enter – much fine dresses as a compliment to the Old Lady – mine was a rich watered white silk, attended the Minster service, called on the High Sherrif’s lady, Mrs. Danby, and drank tea at Mrs. Garforths; The Dress Ball. Mr. B. on the grand jury, engaged every day. I was ill with a cold. Husband to play. Concerts and balls, including Mrs. Danby’s Great Rout in the Assembly Room.

19th Home. 21st I took a drive to Newton to get Miss Marshall to go to York to enjoy a fine oratorio, a sweet amusement.

April 2nd Two upholsters, Brown and Barker, from York to value the old furniture in Askham. Mr. Marriott has taken the house and wishes to come in as soon as we can move to Healaugh. – Socialities – went to charity sermon for the asylum. 21st I rode with my dear Husband, took a cold dinner to enjoy our new building. I walked to Newton and took tea with Mrs. Marshall.

May 9th Ball on the Green at York. To Listers at Thorp Arch and Marriott at Bramham. Trip to Ferrybridge and Doncaster.

June 10th Went to Harrogate in a hurry (Salutation House) as the small-pox was much in the village and were afraid our dear little boy should take the disorder. I enjoyed many little drives in the phaeton Harewood House, Follyfoot, Knaresborough, Studley. Mr. B. frequent trips to the new building. Malings Satterthwaite and Harveys friendly, looked after boy’s maid, Susan, whilst we were at Healaugh. Dance at Queen’s Head, a very inferior house for company.

July 3rd To Healaugh. We left my maid, Susan, with my dear child in the New House. Went over every day from ask to Heal and slept ourselves on the 7th in one of the attic bedrooms. All in a very unfinished state. July 16th. ALL THE FAMILY MOVED TO HEALAUGH MANOR. We lived much in a tent on the grass when it was fine and hot weather. Mr. Brooksbank got a small boat. We enjoyed it on a summer evening. 31st Putting up beds for Father, mother, eldest sister (week stay).

August 10th My nurse, Atkinson, arrived from York to prepare for my confinement. I was charming well and out every day until Saturday evening. Felt violently poorly, cramp. Dr. Belt was sent for and came 9 miles from York and all in good time. August 21st My daughter was born about 11 o’clock after a ten hour labour. The doctor returned home after a little rest and a good breakfast. I went on very well but my daughter was very cross and cried, sadly my not having any milk to feed her. She was brought up spoon food biscuit and gruel at first, then milk and did very well. Up on the 4th day.

Philippa was christened by Mr. Greensides at Healaugh. Brother came for shooting.

Sep 27th Doncaster Races 4 days 3 balls

Oct 12th Stamp has chicken pox. Socialities. Oct 28th Lord & Lady Hawke and Saye and Seal here am

Dec Moving furn. Dined in the New Room. My correspondents – Mother, Sisters Baker, Ann, Mary, Martha, Sarah, Aunt Harrison, Miss Kemays, Miss Gould, Miss Ramsden


Keen frost – walked to Tadcaster Church. Social – Mr. and Mrs. Marriott, Mr. and Miss Marshall, Lord Hawk and Mr. Treeselton, Sir Thomas Blacket (a fine old gentleman), Lady Saye & Seel, Lord & Lady Hawke. I enjoyed a happy and quiet life with my beloved Husband and dear Children. Little Stamp was pleased to go out in the carriage to see some of my old neighbours, all were glad to see my nice Boy. B.B. on Grand Jury. Concerts and overnight stays. The Assizes, total expense 11 pounds. Mr. B. busy planting. Social – Mrs. Rouchire, Mrs. Garforth, Mrs. Wilson. Mr. Lang, the steward, called.

April 10th Set out, slept Ferrybridge at St. Albans (Coltsworth, Bugden). 15th Arrived at Boston. 201 miles. Social – Mr. and Mrs. Snell, Mrs. Field, Mrs. Ramsden, Bakers, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Page, Mrs. C. Bond, Stephensons (to Osterley Park to see the fine pictures). My good Husband rode to Pointers to see his sister, Mrs. Page. Went a party to Opera from Boston. I was delighted.

May 16th To Stevenage and so home on the fifth evening. York races.

Jun 10th Moved down to our own bedroom, had some rooms papered. Mr. B. took a long ride to see a hott house. I took my dear boy to drink tea with Mrs. Wentworth.

June 20 – 23 A long drive to see Bridlington. Stayed with the Ramsdens – visited Burton Agnes and Flamborough Head. Expense 4.

July 2nd To Healaugh Church (took Stamp). Social – Ramsden, Boucheir, Langley, Ewbank, Lister, to Sir Wm and Lady Milner at Non Appleton.

27th Went out in a little low cabriolet with Stamp to Sir Geo Winnat Bramham Bigging. July Grand Jury service. Many rooms papered and furniture put up, the stairs railing put up.

August York Races. Could not walk about much but often in my carriage. I went in my little chair to Newton Church and in the evening to Healaugh Church, repairing. Brother and sisters came – shooting, September.

Sep 12th My nurse Atkinson arrived. A very high flood. Mr. Yeldom visited. 20th Out in my little carriage in the evening. Was taken ill at one o’clock in the night, sent to York to my doctor Dr. Belt. A FINE BOY was born at 6 in the morning. A very easy labour, a seven months child and continued a long time ill. (James christened at home). A wet nurse stayed only a few days – then had an ass and the poor baby lived on its milk some time. I had been very uneasy as my dear Husband had been very ill treated by Mr. Hill, a very wilde young man. Vicar Paul dined here. His curate, Greensides, a vulgar disagreeable man.

Oct 19th Mr. Lang, a very civil good sort of man. Mr. Husband very busy planting.

December Very severe


Jan Social – Hawks, Hudsons, Wilsons, Wentworths, Ramsdens, Bennett, Hunting.

Feb Concert in York. Ditto. 28th Mrs. Fawkes gave a grand ball and supper. We were invited.

Mar Assizes. Social. Attended Mrs. Bourchiers, grand rout to see the Judge come into York. I walk in Roebuck Gardens. I went to hear Mr. Cap preach. Play, play concert, concert, assembly. 23rd Home. Fine weather.

April Mr. B. and Mr. Shann went round the village to prepare for inoculation. The children took physick, and my beloved children were inoculated on April 14th and we went with them to sleep at Robert Archbell’s farm house. That was my Stamp and Philippa. Little James not strong or old enough to take the disorder. Mr. Lang to receive therents. My dear little boy very feverish and ill one night. End both of them very poorly till the pox came out upon them very full. It was a very anxious time to me and my dear Husband. Happily, all ended well. 14 children were inoculated from our children. One child died, not from the small pox but from a scarlet fever. It was a very great alarm in the village. We sent for Dr. Hunter to satisfy the people. Another child died that would not be inoculated, had it very badly. I mean the parents objected to it and in general it was objected to in the village. 14th New stewart, Mr. Tatham – much business. Races.

June Social – Sir Thos and Lady Frankland, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Jub, Mrs. Salmon.

July 25th We went to Bridlington, dined at Whitwell and slept at Malton. Blackburn’s lodgings. Flamborough and Agnes Burton (sic), a curious old place. Returned by Scarborough 22-2-0. Very busy in my garden, strawberries. Father, Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Calkell arrive. Took a drive to see the Flint Mills. To Harewood House, to York. Went a party to see Hull in a small boat, drank tea at Mr. Forsters, went in a large vessel down to Hull, arrived very late. A bad inn, walked much about the town. Mother returned in a post chaise, not liking the sailing. We set out at 5 ‘oclock to have a good tide, slept at Howden, did not get home till one o’clock in the morning, was much fatigued, wanted a good rest.

August 14th Set out on a delightful journey. Doncaster, Derby, Birmingham. Rested to see much curious manufactorys. Bromsgrove. Pross. By water down the way to Monmouth. Dined in the boat. My dear little boy, Stamp, was highly pleased. Chepstow, Newport, Caerfilly Castle. Slept at Burford then at Healey. Boston 24th.

September Social. A large party of gentlemen dined at the Duke of Northumberlands.

13th-17th Brighton. Via Arundel Chichester, Southampton to Banston. I was tired and unwell – Mr. Dancer, the apothecary, came to see me. Corfo Castle. A blandford Ball. Mr. B. hunting.

October. I not very well via Andover to Wingfield Park. Saw Gen Harcourt’s house near Windsor. To Boston. To Healaugh. 1,000 miles in 3 months. 34-2-0

December Local and Estate affairs.


Dismal weather, Called on Lady Burdett. Wentworths, Haggerston, Rev. Greenside.

Feb 1st A thief taken in the yard with a sack of old iron, committed to York. Ramsdens.

Mar & Apl Storms and high winds. Apl 28 Rent day. Mr. B. dined in the village. My low carriage – a sweet drive to the village. Nursery maid (sweet) Susan eloped with Butler John.

15 Father and Mother arrived.

19th Had a charming good labour, the dear little boy was born at 10 mins past three o’clock. The doctor (Belt) enjoyed a good breakfast and returned to York. I dined downstairs in three weeks.

Christening Joseph, July 20th. Mr. B. sailed nearly to Thorp Arch. Took my father and sister into Crav. I recovered charmingly, my confinement soon ended. Father and Mother brought back from York Mr. Gardener Kemeys, a cousin who had married very imprudently and led a retired life.

July 22 Parents went off home.

25th Went to York in our own little boat. 11.30 to 8. Returned by chaise. Mr. B. & curate to Selby by water.

30th Went by boat (own) to Selby and then got on very late to Ferrybridge, only an old man with us. Arrived very late, got a little tea and a good bed. By canal to Castleford and to Wakefield to sleep. Home the same way, going from Ferrybridge to Boothferry by the air and calder river. Then to Selby and our chaise. Weather was very hot and I got very sunburnt. Was a little tired with the expedition. Social :- including Mr. Watson, a new curate.

Aug 16 To York in Mr. Ramsden’s coach – races.

20th We went as far as we could up the river in our little boat – shallows so walked and dined at the publick table at the hotel.

26th New nursery maid.

31st Had a little covered cart made to take the servants to church, but they did not like it – Tadcaster gave them some more pleasure to gossip.

Sept Bought some wine sour plumbs for sweetmeats. By water to Acaster and back. 22 Went to stay with Mrs. Ramsden at Carr House, Doncaster Races. Ball, concert ball bal.

Oct 1st To Carlton to Roach Abbey. Rode to Duke of Newcastle’s place. 13th Mr. Garnett, a painter, came here in the evening. Staid 4 days. Painted a fine large dog. 20th Mr. B. dined at Thos Archbell’s – a court day. Social:- Lady Milner, Prestons, Boucheirs, Lawley Miss.,

Nov. Dined with Rev. Thompson, Kirk Deighton. Nov 14th Mr. Atkinson, architect, York, came to measure up the work done in our new house.

Dec Cold, heavy snowfall during church. Stamp enjoyed the fun of riding on the servant’s back all the way home. Heavy snow 27th to 31st.


Keen frost, thick snowfall. 8th To York a concert and many visits.

20th Mr. B to Londond, Mr. Snell’s death, kind hearted, friendly, much respected. Mourning (put on our). I heard frequently from my dear Husband, and wrote to him, feeling his absence extremely for a fortnight. Social at home and at York. Went to a concert, slept at Ringroses, went to see The Little Count (Borolowsky), a wonderful dwarf.

Feb 18th I planted a fine young oak tree. It was two years old (under the drawing room window).

Mar A great quarrel among the servants, the gardener went away. Assizes, stay’d at our lodgings, Sister Sarah with us. 26-3-0 The first assembly, concerts etc. Miss Ramsden, Miss Fountain, Evans paid many visits. Extreme cold.

Apr Social:- Ramsden, Willougby, Plumer, Fountains. In our own small boat to Selby, return by horse. My good husband very fond of his boat. To Boroughbridge from York by boat, return by horse. 17th Rent day. 25th My sister and I packing (Mr. B. at church). Not a very proper employment. Slept at Scarthingmore, Walmsford, Baldock, Boston.

May Social:- varied (the Miss Knights). 18th A large family party here. Concert at the Pantheon. Very fine ball at Panelagh from Bootler Club.

Jun 3rd Shopping all morning, to see the Exhibition. To Astley’s Entertainment. Salkeld Ford Baker Chamberlain Cockburn Pages Hopkins Slept at Welwyn with Mrs. Snell and Miss Knights. 45. Mrs. Snell to dinner (her first visit to Yorks). All my dear sons were eager to see their dear grandmother and held the gate open with cheerful happy countenances to receive her. It was a day of joy as also was so pleased to see the New House and all around us so very comfortable. Mrs. S. to Harrogate to stay.

Aug 7th Dr. Hutchinson bled me. Dined at Newby (Weddel’s place). 10th Mr. B. Mr. Chas Bond and Capt. Slade to Cordall Scarr, a fine romantic scenery, a long way to it (2 days). 20th Mrs. S’s servants to see York Minster. 24th York Races but no ball that night. A great disappointment to the Miss Knights. Mr. and Mrs. Bond came early to stay. I felt very sorry to leave them but was under a promise to take the Miss Knights to a Ball as they had been to York all drest and returned back again, had a hairdresser from Harrogate to be particularly smart for many gentlemen that were to meet them. Mr. B. was pleased to stay at home to see his good cousins. I hardly felt much acquainted, therefore did not feel so vexed. 26th On the river in our little boat. Mrs. S. and the Miss K to the races. Mr. Chas. Bond came to look at our pretty village. Mrs. S. and Misses K. to Scarborough.

Sep Shooting. All to Sc. On 7th. Slept at Malton. Went in the phaeton and post chaise. Had 4 children and 4 servants. Took a good lodging. All expenses 30-15-0) (Miss Sellet’s lodging 7). All at the Rooms. All at a play. Ball. Mrs. S. very poorly. I was all packed up to return home with my children and slept at Malton. Mr. B. followed us next day, we got home to tea. 23 Sep. Snell Knights Hopkins came. Stormy, a high flood in river.

Oct. Slade and Ramsdens. Dined at Sr Geo Winn’s. Mr. Tatham, the new steward. A day in York with Miss Ramsden to Miss Lister.

30th Very heavy fall of snow.

Nov. Rent day. Mr. Tatham slept in village. Mrs. & Miss Lister. Mr. B. went to York to book a lodging for my confinement.

1 Dec. Went with Stamp, Philippa & maid Mary to our lodging in York. Mr. B. came in the evening. Expenses three weeks 40. 2nd Sent our coachman home for many things wanted. Called upon my friends being pure well.

6th Went with Mrs Lister to Mr. Capp’s chapel.

11th Dinner and concert.

19th We went to another concert with Miss Lister. I was very well wrapped up in a large white satin cloak and all the better for the amusement.

19th Not feeling quite well. Sent for Dr. Belt at 9 o’clock and was safely delivered of a fine boy (Edward H.) before 11. Had a very easy labour and recovered uncommonly well. Husband drove home and brought little James.

21st Sat up to eat my dinner, a nice chicken, was so pure well. Paid for a lodging in York 9-9-0 al other expense 13-13-0.

25th The children dined at Mrs. Lister’s and all drank tea with me. I continued so pure well I returned to my dear home at the fortnight’s end as my month nurse Atkinson had another engagement and wanted to leave me.


18th Jan. Lord & Lady Hawke dined as Godfather to EDWARD HAWKE, christened by Mr. Watson in our own drawing room, a sweet little fair baby, a good healthy child and a very affectionate son. Was very much engaged with my dear children – went out very little, only for air and exercise, walking and riding. The London road was altering to Touton to avoid a very steep hill on the old road. My son, Stamp, began to enjoy a ride with his father.

3rd May We set out on our journey to the south, arrived at my dear father’s hospitable house on Thursday. Went in the chariot – Stamp, Philippa, 4 horses, two men servants. Was much engaged and had much pleasure seeing many friends – Snell, Chamberlaine, Baker, Knight, Abbey musick.

1st Jun Dined at Lady Hawke’s, Portland Place, Westminster Abbey musick. 3rd Abby musick.

7th Took the children to see the wild beasts at Exeter Change. Social – many dined with Mrs. Child at Osterley Park, a lovely place, a most beautiful garden and a sweet pretty menagerie of fine birds. Many fine pictures in the house. I did enjoy the visit extremely. Most agreeable people.

24th Left. Went by a new road by Dunstable. Slept at Woburn. To Dunchurch, Ashby de la Zouch to Woodhouse near Mansfield. A place old Mrs. Ramsden lived at some years. Staid 9 days with them.

7th Jul TO Carlton (Mr. Ramsden) breakfasted there. Home evening. Away 9 weeks 52-10-0.

Jul. Showery for hay making.

19th Mr. B. To York Assizes. I went for 2 days. Dined Mrs. C. Wilson. Ball at the Green. Went to the Castle with Mrs. Dring, dined, home in evening.

27th Large party of kind friends to dinner.

28th Mr. B. took his boat to York. I went in the evening – we slept at Dring’s.

29th Set out in our little boat (ourselves, Mrs. Dring, Miss Willoughby) – at 9am to Boroughbridge to sleep. Next day to Rippon, took a chaise to see Studley Royal beautiful grounds. Returned to sleep at Boroughbridge, then to Mrs. Dring at York. Slept, home to dinner on Sunday. Mr. Paul did duty at Healaugh Church – dined.

8th Sep. Walked with little Stamp to Wighill to call on Mrs. Stapleton.

17th Mr. Ch. Bond dined.

27th Took a drive to Harrogate to see him. He and Mr. Hammond came over for a few days shooting. Returned with them and spent 2 days at Harr. Sep. Mr. and Mrs. Ramsden with 2 chrn staid 2 days. James, Joseph and Edward inoculated by Mr. Shann – favourable.

Oct. A nice greenhouse built – finished in a month. Drove to York with Stamp and Philippa. 10th Sent to Lord Hawke’s for some greenhouse plants.

16th Nov. Sent to York for a load of plants, very busy in our garden and other improvements.

1st Dec. Snow. 3rd Box of Christmas presents from Mother.

8th I was taken very ill in the night and miscarried, kept my bed and was poorly some day.

15th Came downstairs to dinner. Snow and high flood.

25th All at church – Mr. Watson (Rev) dined. Spent the remainder of the year very happily at home with my beloved Husband and dear children.


5th Jan. My two young cousins Bethels were sent down into Yorkshire for old Mr. Bethell of Bica to be introduced, as my own dear Father had made out a pedigree for him with one of the young men as his eyre. The eldest, Richard, gave satisfaction. They came to us on their return home and staid 2 nights. My dear little Stamp had expected playfellows and was disappointed to find them tall schoolboys.

10th Mr. Henry Lascelles called in the morning. Social – Lord and Lady Hawke, Mr. Guy Fairfax, Mr. G. Gibbs, Miss Ramsden, Marriotts.

28th York concert – slept at The George.

31st Mr. B. and Mr. Willoughby drove to enquire about Guysley School.

5th Feb. York, concert and many visits.

7th Mr. B. at a meeting in Tadcaster with Mr. Foster, Isle, Maurie. Mr. B. to a meeting at Ferrybridge.

21st Feb. Sent out south. Absent 7 weeks.

2nd Mar. Mr. B. rode to Whatleys at Ronsuch Park. I went to town with Mrs. Snell. Dined at C. Bonds. Stamp a feverish cold on 3rd. 7th I and Philippa very poorly. Mr. Oliver was sent to see me. 16th Still not well.

18th Mar. A large party (at Mrs. Snell’s). 22nd Back to Boston – called on Lady Hawke and Mrs. Waddell. 31st Dined at Baker’s, to opera. Slept at Lord Hawke’s.

1st Apr. Orstorio. Slept at Hawke’s Called on Lady Say & Sele, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Field, to a play. Slept at Hawke’s. Gould & Page.

11th Apr. Set out home. Called for Miss Snowden at Mr. Waddell’s – slept at Eaton. Newark. Home after 7 weeks. Exp. 53-7-7.

10th Apr. York. Mrs. G. Wilson & Mrs. Lister. Coachman ill so I not out.

23rd Mrs. Wentworth and Miss Wentworth here.

29th Apr. We took our dear little Stamp to school at Guysley. Mr Hamilton. He was in good spirits and pleased to see Mr. Willoughby’s son, Henry. Went to Harewood with our own horses and on with post – a very steep hill from Otley to the school.

8th May Mr. Shane bled me – not very well for several days. 13th Very much enjoyed a drive to hear the nightingales sing. 20th May. Mrs. And Miss Lister came until 5th June. Mr. B. took a drive with Miss W. to see her brother and Stamp.

1st Jun. Fine warm – a little drive in the phantom.

13th The masons began to built the new pantry.

16th Mr. B. went to fetch Stamp and Henry W from school. Miss W. takes her bro. home. Many workmen busy above a week. Staircase finished and coloured by Waggot, a plasterer.

28th Jun. Set out on a fine wile ramble in the phaeton (a particular account of this journey in a book). My dear little Stamp with us. Out 9 days. 190 miles. 2 man servants and 4 horses, 16-14-8.

8th Jul. Call by Mrs. Stapleton and her little girl. Butler, Joseph Weedon, left us. 9th Went to Har. and staid a week. I called on Mrs. Torkington (nee Bouchier). The Doc. Workington called. We visited at the Green Dragon House. Met the Harveys. 12-12-0.

16th Home. Stamp poorly. Mr. W. and son to breakfast. Social – Mrs. Bouchier, Miss Goodrick, Mr. Harvey and family, Miss Dolingnon, Mr. and Mrs. Torkington and the Thos. Turtons.

6th Aug. My father, mother and 3 sisters arrived.

10th Drive to Harr. Called at Kirk Deighton, Thompsons.

15th Aug. Stamp to Guisley School. Martha went with us to some fine musick in the Minster, dined at the Drings. Mr. B. and brother rode home. Messiah in the Minster, dined at Kingrose’s and drank tea at Mrs. Listers.

18th Sacred music in the Minster and to a charming evening concert.

19th Aug. Home, drest six of use dine with the Wentworths at Tolston Lodge.

20th Mr. Suary Cilpin dined and staid till Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Estell Harvey, Mrs. Miss Lister. 22nd Aug. Set out on a fine tour to see the Lakes in Cumberland in the phaeton with a new grey horse called Pegasus. Being so hasty going up high hills. Out 15 days. 23-13-0.

5th Sep. Mr. B. and my brother shooting. Was very happy and much engaged with my dear family.

19th parents and Mary departed. Drive with Martha in my little carriage.

23rd My brother departed. Mr. B. and Martha drove to York.

3rd Oct. Mr. B. and Martha to see Stamp at school.

28th Sep. Mr. B. and my sisters walked after dinner to look AT A NEW BRIDGE.

1st Nov. My Nurse Atkinson arrived.

17th Dr. Belt sent for and on Sunday returned in good time as my dear baby was born. I had a good labour and sat up to breakfast and next day I was so pure well. 25th Nov. Rent day. Mr. B. and Mr. Tatham dined at Thos. Archbells. 28th I got up to dinner.

4th Dec. Moved into my dressing room. Bitter cold – snow showers. Mr. B. went to Guisley to bring Stamp home for his happy holydays. 18th Mr. Watson dined and baptized my sweet little girl, Jane B. Dismal weather at end of year.


5th Jan. Mr. Willoughby brought Mr. Hamilton from Guisley. Mr. B. and Stamp returned with them to dinner – all her for dinner next day. To Mrs. Stapleton at Wighill, to Mrs. Lister at York, with my sisters to visit Mr. Guy Fairfax, Marshall and Wentworth. All were out.

23rd. Mr. B. took Stamp to school.

24th Jan. Set out to take my dear sisters home, also James, Philippa and Baby Jane – three nights on the road. Met the Bakers and my brother. Parents 35th wedding anniversary. Mr. B. to see his mother at Clapham – I and 3 children to see Aunt Lewis and Mrs. Oliver. Took 13 year old Philippa to London to have a tooth drawn. (James 12, Joseph 10). Stayed three weeks at Clapham.

7th Mar. Returned to Boston for a fortnight. 19 – 22 Mar. Homeward. Rested 2 nights at Harveys. 54-5-0. Went immediately to see Stamp, had whooping cough. Took him over to Hutton where the Willoughbys nursed him with their Henry, lest my other children should take the bad cough. Good Friday to Church and rode on to Hutton, same on Easter Sunday.

9th Went to York, brought Nurse Atkinson back with me.

12th To see Stamp.

13th Rent day. 29th Geo Bond died, put on our mourning.

30th Mr. Staveley came here to paint my picture, but did not succeed, sat for him for several days – he returned to York. Mr. Gilpin stayed two nights. Some Hottingly lime came up by water to Tadcaster and was spread next day. Social – Thompson, Wicliffe, Marshall, Wentworth, Stapleton. Mrs. Snell and Miss Mackensy to dinner. Drove them to see Thorp Arch. Mrs. Willoughby and Mrs. Haywood in the morning – took a drive to see Bishopthorpe and the Minster.

16th Jun. Stamp home from school. Mourning off (6 week). Mr. and Mrs. Ewbank and 3 fine children spent three nights here. Mrs. Snell took me a drive to see Mrs. Stapleton at Wighill Park. Mrs. Wentworth and Miss Dring called here.

2nd Jul. Set out with Mrs. Snell – slept at Beverley – to see the fine docks at Hull. Not much pleased. Next day slept at Driffield. Got early to ?Birlington?. Went to see Flamborough Head – drank tea at Marriot’s. 9

th Got one good dip in the sea. 10th Fog.

11th Set out. Slept at Malton. Home to tea. Exp. 34-18-0.

13th Mr. Watson leaves for a living near Hull.

15th Did not like the new curate, Mr. Wilcocks. The Willoughbys and Drings all dined here after church. 16th Mrs. Snell and Miss Mackenzie left us for Harr.

17th Mr. Rusti came to pull some teeth out, a very disagreeable rough hand.

18th My good husband went early to Whitwell to buy coach horses. Returned late in rain and thunder. Mr. Willoughby, Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Bouchier, Grimston Lawley called. Fine weather for hay. Butler Williamson very ill. Dr. and Mr. Shann attended him in consumption.

28 Jul. The Bakers arrive.

Aug. I lent my pianoforte to Miss Lister. Dined with Mrs. Bouchell – Mount Pleasant. Stamp and James to school. With Mrs. Baker to the Foxes at Bratham. Mrs. Snell, I and my 4 children to a lodging in Harr. Trip home to get my Mourning (Uncle Ward) and very busy to have it ready for a grand ball at the Dragon Hotel.

15th Mr. B. home to look after his workmen. The Bakers left us for Bramham Park. 17th To Cranby Hall. Mr. B. rode home to see Mr. Cilpin. We returned home.

25th Mr. Gilpin left us.

Sep. Atkinsons at Bolton Piercy, Guy Fairfaxes at Newton, Lord Hawkes, Sir Geo. & Lady Wynne, Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood, Mr. and Mrs. Monro.

11th Oct. Went to see our dear boys at school with our own horses to Harewood, then posted to Guisley and were overturned in Otley Town. I was much bruised and one eye sadly hurt. Very thankful no worse accident happened.

Nov. My good husband busy planting.

31st Rent day. Mr. B. and Mr. T. dined at Archbells.

4th Dec. Very high wind, many slates blown off the house. Stormy. High flood.

24th Snow all day. 25th Church with Stamp.

26th To Hawkes 2 nights. Mr. B. rode with Lord Hawke to Pomfret.

28th Home to dinner.


Jan. Very hard frost. 3 woodcocks sent to Boston. A boat load of coals came up by water to Tadcaster. Mr. Hamilton came.

21st Boys back to school.

1st Feb. A high flood in the river. High winds.

10th Mar. Coachman and gardener quarrelled and would not stay. 19th A new gardener came, a fine wilde day. 20th Mr. B. bought the Catterton Tithes. 28th Boys home from school.

7th Apr. A coachman from York. 13th To York to have Philippa’s tooth drawn.

6th May I called on Mrs. Stapleton at the NEW HOUSE AT WIGHILL.

7th Jun. A new road to Hutton across the fields. 11th Masons came from York to set the marble chimney piece in the drawing room. Stamp home.

Jul. Mr. Raison from York to fix a new bookcase. 25th Boys back to school. We set out – slept at Ferrybridge. Breakfasted at Doncaster. Chesterfield to sleep. By Matlock to Litchfield to sleep. Kidester, Coalbrookdale, Gloucester, Bath.

2nd Aug. On to Mr. Salkeld’s and staid a fortnight. Drove to Blandford for Listers and to Ranston for Bakers. Sad wet weather, looked over fine old china and dusted books for 2 days.

18th Got wet going to look at a cow. 21st To Ranston to stay with the Bakers. 26th 50 miles to Overton to sleep. 27th To Boston. To Mr. Spere. Dentist with Philippa.

3rd Sep. A large merry party went to Brighton to a lodging to visit my brother in CAMP. Evening ball – dining and supping in camp. A shaw fight or grand review. 7th To Cuckfield to sleep – to Boston. A large dinner party.

11th Sep. Left Boston – Baldock – Walmsfield – Newark – Doncaster. Home after 2 months. To see the boys at Guisley. Mr. Shann inoculated Joseph and Jane.

18th Dec. Coachman fetched boys from school. Changeable weather to the year end.


3rd Jan. Frosty and slippery – took a ride with my dear Husband and little Stamp on his pony to call on the Plumers at Bilton. The dear boy received a bad kick on his chin, a deep cut. Bond Hopkins died 48.

20th Mr. Hill settled with my husband about land.

27th Boys to school in the chaise.

1st Feb. Heavy floods. Much troubled with several servants in this month. Parted with my nursery maid, Jane Palfreyman, after 4 years.

Mar. My Husband planting over the water against the wall. Mary Gordon came, a bad servant, only staid one year. A dairyman, E. Wrighton, only staid one year three months. Concert York. Very busy and happy with my dear children. 1st Mar. Waggot’s men at Work in the drawing room and my dressing room for several days. 11th Rent day.

14th Apr. Two fishermen came in their little boats to bee seen as a curious way of getting fish. They came from Brakel. 17th Boys home. 5th May Two painters came from York to work near a week. 10th Mrs. Grimston and 2 dtrs a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Page 3 weeks. A little ramble to Boroughbridge and Fountains back by Otley. (the dear boys dined with us).

3rd Jun. Accompanied them to Leeds on their way home. 12th Sarah Acomb came as nursery maid. Lived 11 years in my service. 19th Jun. Boys home for summer holydays.

Jul. They learn to swim. Father, mother and 3 sisters arrive. They left on 30th and on 31st boys to school in post chaises.

Aug. Fine harvest weather. My dear Husband very busy SITTING OUT HIS BRIDGE over the river.

2nd Sep. A large ferry boat came up the river in a convenient flood. Guy Fairfax dies in church. The Tadcaster Caverly (cavalry?) out. Mr. B. went to see them.

Oct. The beautiful timber bridge. Began his own model at home. Boys home from Guisley for 2 nights.

26th Sat out at 6pm. Slept at Ferrybridge.

28th At Ickwell Bury 2 nights.

31st Boston. 3 weeks with Snell at Clapham. Husband to Yorks. To bring back boys on Christmas Day. Staid until Martha was born 20-2-95. Returned to H.

25th Mar. Total Exp. 140.


12 Jan. At Blandford. My brother married Miss Snow, attended by my sister Mary.

Feb. Sir. Geo Paul called. 9th Boys set out for school with the butler, Meat.

16th My nursery maid, Sally Acombe, arrived with my linen.

20th Safely delivered of my  ,,, at 10 o’clock in the morning. Mr. Oliver attended me. Had a very good time. I recovered charmingly. Visit from my sister, Baker, Mrs. Snell.

7th Mar. Drove to see my sister, Baker. 18th Martha Sophia chrsnd by Mr. Chas. Bond in the great drawing room, a sweet lovely baby, rather small but healthy and easily nursed. Home 9am to 7pm on third day. Miss Berry as governess to my daughters. No month nurse. Baby in bazenot with me and Sally in and Philippa in a post chaise.

2 Apr to 13 Stamp and James to see us. Ramsdens Listers.

2nd May Took a drive in the phaeton, heard a nightingale and a cuckoo. 8th Very busy in my garden. 11th Took a ride to see the foundation laid for the bridge. My dear Husband up at 4 o’clock to look after the work. 19th Fine, warm. Gathered a basket of cowslips for Mrs. Willoughby and cut our first cucumber.

Jun. To the Stapletons at Wighill – Mrs. Bethell a weeks visit. 19th Went to fetch the boys. Phillip came from York to paper some rooms. Cleaning pictures and hanging them. 29th Fawkes called from Hutton with Hy Willoughby – was very busy making the drawing room furniture. It was a troublesome long job, many days employment. In three weeks, finished the curtains.

12th Jul. To a play in York.

29th Boys to school.

23rd Sep. Dined at Lord Hawke’s to meet Mr. and Mrs. Green from Hull. 25 Sep Set out for Scarborough. Mr. B, Philippa and Miss Bery went first in the phaeton. I followed in the post chaise. Slept at Snaiton.

26th Arrived, engaged Henderson’s lodgings on the Cliff for a fortnight. Paid 9 gns. All exp. Returning by Castle Howard 40. Attended two balls. Place very gay with much company.

28 Oct. By phaeton to dine with Fawkes at Farnley Hall. They kindly sent for my two sons from Guiseley School – they walked back next day. We called at Harewood on our way back.

Nov. Took a walk to see a windmill building.

Dec. Rent day. Boys home from school on 17th. 18th Miss Berry left me. She was clever, an elegant, pleasing young woman – found the situation very dull and returned to her family. 25th Church. 28th A boat load of coals came up the river.


4 Jan Willoughbys to stay a few days. 5th The hounds killed a duck in our grounds. It was a fine sport to us all. Plst walked with Husband and chrn to see the windmill. 25th Took my three boys to school.

Feb. York concert. Slept at Wentworths. The windmill built.

Mar. Extreme cold. 3rd Old Mr. Haison from York finished Mr. B’s bedroom. 24th Went with little Edward to Harewood to meet the boys. 27th Mourning from cousin, Bond.

4th Apr. Boys back to school.

11th Rent day. Chrn chicken pox 7 days. Miss Bird arrived as governess.

23rd A French master (Mr. Stirling) and a dancing master as Miss Bird was good tempered and obliging in her manner, but not equal to much teaching.

8th Jun Lord and Lady Hawke and Mr. Martin Hawke dined here, and six officers. They had a fine band of music. Played here in the afternoon, a great treat to all around us. 10th All dined at Scarthingwell to meet the Surrey Regiment (my brothers).

Jul. Paid Mr. Berley, dancing master, 1-11-6 for 6 chrn entrance. A very good natured man, much more like a horse jockey than a dancing master, but I could not hear of a better and well recommended by my neighbours.

9th Jul. Mr. Martin Hawke and Miss Wilson to dinner and to ply – Mrs. Siddons “The Gamester”. And another at which little Stamp was much amused. 15 Jul. Went to another play to enjoy Mrs. Siddons’ fine acting – with Stamp and Philippa. During return, a violent thunderstorm, but fortunately the horses were steady. Stamp, then Martha, then the others took measles – a six week span.

1st Aug. Mr. Hunter, carpenter, here about the scaffolding over the river to begin the curious bridge. Only one arch, all timber work – were much engaged watching the grand job.

7th A great alarm on Sunday morning to hear the boat had given way and all the week’s work spoilt in the river.

8th All hands at work to pull down the week’s employment. Mr., Mrs. Miss Ransden 2 nights. My brother and sister 3 nights.

26th Jane very feverish with measles.

31st Mr. Shann to inoculate little Martha. Very uneasy – cut an eye tooth.

5th Sep. Boys to school. Martha improving by 13th. (Miss Lister informed me that she had changed her name to Green).

21st. Set out a little journey in the phaeton – took little Edward. Slept Borobridge. Dined North Allerton, slept Stockton. Dined at Castle Eden. Slept at Sunderland. Went to visit my brother in a neat little cottage near the Barracks. Mrs. Clitherow and sister Mary with him.

26th Took a pleasant drive and dined in the Colonel’s Mess room at the Barracks. To a Ball.

28th Drive to see Lumley Castle, a fine situation.

29th Went to Hilton Castle and drove to the North Pier.

30th Drove to Newcastle and walked about a great deal and slept there.

1st Oct. Returned by S. Shields, crossed the river and walked up to Tinemouth, a sea bathing place, did not much like it. Returned to Sunderland in the evening. Caught a bad cold and not out.

5th Returned home by Durham, Darlington and Northallerton. Thirsk and slept 7th at Easingwold. A very comfortable inn.

8th Dined at York and home in the evening. Total exp. 22 pounds.

15th A hawk pulled my pretty canary’s head off out of its cage. My dear little Edward saw it fall and with tears in his eyes, brought it up to me. Indeed, I was very sorry. Mr. Biddle, a cousin, 2 nights.

1st Nov. Miss Bird’s mother arrived. A poor sick old lady. Took her to York to place her comfortably.

21st Call on Mrs. Raper at Grimstone Lodge.

1st Dec, Mr. B. painting Lady Hawke’s favourite lap dog. We met at Scarthingwell frequently. Mrs. Raper called.

17th I walked over the bridge to meet my dear boys at Newton 2 o’clock from school. Two of the elder Ewbanks called. Rain and a high flood. Our neighbour, Mrs. Bouchier, died in December and left me a handsome mouthing ring as a kind compliment.


Miss Bird to her mother in York – a week. Mrs. Willoughby and family stay some days.

6th Had a large Twelfth Cake and a merry party for much fun.

16th We return the Hutton visit and stay a night.

18th I took Miss W. to York for a ball.

26th Took the boys on the way to school and dined them at Harewood.

2nd Feb. Sent the carriage for my brother.

9th Feb. I accompanied my sisters to see Lady Harewood and nurse her son and heir. He was quite a baby.

24th Dined in York at Mrs. Wentworths and went to a concert.

26th Bro and sisters left.

2nd Mar. We set out very early, slept Newark. Slept Biggleswade. Clapham third day.

7th Drove to Boston House. Visits to town with Mrs. Snell eg. Chamberlains and Pages.

25th To Boston to stay.

Apr. Put on our mourning for Mrs. Bond. We met the Salkelds at Boston, had much pleasure to see them, were in town together frequently. All exp. 42 pounds.

11th Set out, a night’s visit to my Uncle Clitherow (Bird’s Place).

14th Home at 2 o’clock and most glad to find all well. 30.

17th Rent day. Had the boys home for a few days and back to school on 24th.

Staid 2 nights with Mrs. Wilson at Pomfret. Called on Mrs. Ramsden at Col. R’s house. Mrs. R. stays 10 days.

2nd Jun. Mr. and Mrs. Green staid a fortnight. WE liked Mr. GREEN very much.

17th Boys home for summer.

26th Jul. Set out in the afternoon, slept York. Thirsk, Hartlepool. To my brother’s cottage at Sunderland. Stamp accompanied us on horseback. James in the phaeton with us – a fine treat for them.

3rd Aug. Took an excursion to Newcastle, then on to Alnwick, to Belford and slept at Dumbrick’s Hotel in Edinburgh.

5th Had a showery day to walk about the fine city. Went to play.

7th Return. Slept at Kelso. Met our phaeton at Alnwick. Slept at Morpeth. 9th Newcastle and Sunderland. The Colonel and my sisters went to the Barracks quickly. We followed them and staid some days longer with them. A very pleasant, lively visit. Saw Mr. Burden’s house and grounds at Castle Eden.

13th To Stockton to sleep. Slept Boro.

15th Home. 433 mls. 41-7-0.

19th Drove my six chrn to York, dined at Kingroses – boys learning to swim.

31st Went to Guiseley with boys. End of holiday.

9th Aug. A turkey hatched 10 young ones. Was extremely busy in my family, making sweetmeat and looking after dinner etc. hott (?Miss Bird in York?) Milner and Stapleton called.

21st Mr. B. and I set out in phaeton to see my brothers and sisters in Cumerland (in a book). Travelled 257 miles, exp. 16. We rather hurried journey home as footman, Thomas, was very ill. He died a few days – water on the brain. Mr. B. had his head opened to see the cause of the complaint. He was a good steady servant.

5th Oct. Sent a box to my brother at Sunderland. Mourning for my Aunt Kymeys.

Nov. Disagreeable weather – fog.

Dec. Busy making mince pye meat.

16th Boys home. Miss Bird walked to Tadcaster with five children.

26th Took the three boys to York.


9th Jan. Severe frost – boys learning to skait. Miss Bird 10 days to York. 15th The Willoughbys stay a few days.

31st Boys to school.

9-11 Feb. York Concert visits.

15th Busy planting. Miss W. and Mr. Foljambe call.

24th Mr. Gilpin, a clergyman from Blank.

7th Mar. Dine at Col. Ramsdens, Pomfret.

9th Mr. and Mrs. Raper, Miss Eyr and Ann Raper call from Grimston Lodge.

13th Lord Hawke and family dine here.

16th Concert York. Slept at Ringroses. Breakfasted at Drings with Mr. and Mrs. Green.

26th Apr. I get a pink dress in cotton for my sister Baker, my mother a blue one for me. They were in high fashion.

5th Apr. Stamp and Joseph home. Paid Mr. Burley, the dancing master, for 13 lessons.

11th Son, James, to Mr. Paver’s school at Ledsone. Mr. Wrangthorn preached. The gentlemen went to hear a woman preach.

16th Rent day. Boys to school.

17th Miss Ramsden to dinner on horseback.

20th All to dine at Miss Hassell’s in York. Review on Clifford Moor. Dined at Hutton and met Mr. and Mrs. Reathest living at Marston. Rode with Philippa to dine with the Heathcots at Marston. Ewbanks from Bolton to dine and sleep here.

11 Jun. Miss Judy Fountaine, Miss Hassell, Miss M. Salmon and the Drings dine here. Boys home. To York with 4 children and to Scarthingwell to drink tea – a great treat for them.

5th Jul. My brother came – took Stamp to Lords.

26th Bro and sisters arrive.

28th My brother’s band came over from Wetherby to play here all the afternoon. Many of our neighbours came to here it. I was highly pleased. 29th My parents and sisters arrived.

27th Play and Assembly at York. 28th Stamp rode to Ledstone with James. Joseph and Edward to Guiseley.

10th Aug. My sisters to Harewood for 2 days. Stamp to Uppingham School with Robert Ramsden.

13th Parents, Mary and Sarah left.

17th Snell and Mackenzie came.

20th Drive to races – hott.

6th Sep. Martha went by mail coach from Ferrybridge.

18th Snell and M. left.

24th Mr. Shann inoculated 37 chrn in the village.

Oct. Old Mrs. Lister dies.

12th Set out for Liverpool to see my bro and sisters – staying with his regiment in a good lodging – dined at Mr. Hodgsons.

18th We all dined at Lord Denbys and went to a ball in Liverpool.

19th Dined at Mr. Walkers – a grand dinner, turtle etc. and a ball.

22nd Set out for home, slept Manchester.

23rd Home after 10 days. Exp. 20. Miss Willoughby married to Mr. G. Foljambe. Mr. B. gave her away

31st Mr. and Mrs. W. came. Staid till 3rd. 2 nights at Hutton.

10th My sister, Martha, was married to Lord Wm. Seymour. I wrote to her at Barrow on the Hill my congrats. Heard from my dear Ladyship, my beloved sister.

5th Dec. To old Mrs. Harvey at Finningley Park with Philippa.

11th Home calling on Mrs. Guy Fairfax in Doncaster.

15th Joseph and Ed home.

17th Sent the pony James to ride home. Stamp came.

25th All walked to Church.

31st Stamp out shooting with Mr. Tatham.


My son, Stamp, frequently out shooting. 3-4 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Mrs I. Harvey, Mr. Clayton came to a late dinner.

5th Mr. Dear Husband had a bad cough.

6th Mr. Shann came to see him and bled him to check the cough.

7th All went to York but my dear Husband had a blister on his chest.

8th Mr. B. and Mrs. H. in bed with bad cols.

10th Ms. Left us. Emma Willougby had a bad fall on the ice – Mr. Shann bled her.

12th My Husband so poorly, not out of bed - bled again, and on the 18th again.

20th Sent for Dr. Hunter.

26th Bled again.

28th Stamp took brothers to Guiseley School.

31st Mr. B. began to take asses mil. Severe weather.

19th Feb. Mr. B. Much better, out riding.

1st Mar. Out riding. Mr. Shann and his son bled Mr. B. – advised a change of air.

4th Set out, slept Doncaster, then Newark and Stamford – very cold and wet.

6th Stamp left us for Uppingham. Slept at Biggleswade.

8th At Boston – all the better for the journey. Visited Clapham. Sister Mary was attending Miss Kemys at Chelsey, a wen on the breast. The Saldelds call at Boston. Called on Bakers. Lady Seymour to dinner. Social.

5th Apr. Mr. Oliver treated Jane for eye infection. Chamberlaine, Bonds Pages.

19th I was weak and poorly and consulted Dr. Latham in London. Mr. B. went to fetch a new Whisky. Drove in it to see Mary.

24th Mrs. Snell lent her chariot for me to pay calls in Town. Spent near a month with Mrs. S. Took my little girls to Boston and went on to ginters. Staid 3 days with pages.

6th May. Set for Dorsetshire to visit the Salkelds. 2 nights on the road. The exp to Fifehead 10. 14th Took a good large house in Weymouth for our family, ourselves, three girls, one maid and Richard the coachman. The Salkelds and their girls followed us. I received much benefit from hot baths and riding. Expat Weymouth, a month. 45.

8th Jun. Left Weymouth. Separated from the Ss at Dorchester, to Salisbury to sleep. Cathedral service – on to Basingstoke.

10th Boston. A large party, Bakers, Seymours, Mrs. Timms. Exhibitions. 17th Left Boston, slept Stamford where Stamp joined us. Slept at Scarthing Moor. Home 20th. All exp. from Weymouth 40. 371 miles all told. Absent 4 months.

21 Jun. Joseph and Ed from school.

22 James home.

29 Mr. and Mrs. Green arrive. Mrs. Bird dies. Miss Ramsden 4 days.

Jul. Play at York and dine at Mr. Drings. 30th James to school.

13th Aug. Set out for Ramsdens at Carlton. Stamp and Phil. rode to Ferrybridge. Then I mounted and rode to Doncaster with my dear Stamp. Got to C in the evening – spent a pleasant week. 19th Visited the Foljambes at Oldwark. We left S to return to Uppingham. Mr. Butt’s school with Robt. R. 22nd Returned home late evening.

27th Sent out butler, Wilkinson, to York to see Dr. Cap. Sent for his wife, he was in a deep consumption.

Sep. Mr. B. 2 nights at Mr. Prices at Camelford. Wilk and Wife to a  lodging in Tadcaster.

Oct. Miss Bird alarmingly ill – a deep decline. Chrn home.


Jan. Frost and snow. Willoughbys of Askham. Master Raper came to stay. Stamp and Henry shooting and with Mr. Fox’s Harriers.

3 Feb. Jos, Ed, young Milber to school – Stamp and Jas to school by mail coach.

10th Called on Mrs. Raper and Viscountess de Bruges. Rapers and Challoners – York concert. Many visits.

Mar. Poor Butler Wilkinson died. Wife and mother came here 2 days. York concert and to the Castle to hear a very long trial. To Scarthingwell. Willoughbys here 4 days.

5th Apr. Set out to see my good friends at Carlton in the whiskey. Grantham to sleep – Stamp came. Stilton (The Old Angel) slept Baldock. Stephenage, Barnet, Clapham. Sundat to meeting twice. To Astleys – To Greenford, Lady Seymour, to Boston to dine. Visited. To Covent Garden to a play with Mr. B. and Stamp.

20th S. to school. Dinner party – Pages, Thos. Bond, Chas and Mrs. Bond. Aunt C.B. Salkelds arrived, breakfast and dne with Bakers.

5th May Dined with the Stamp Brookbanks (Uncle). The Bethalls came. Party to the opera.

12th Left Boston. Dined at Uncle Clitherow’s at Birds Place. To Mrs. Harveys at Ickwell Bury to sleep. Dined at Stilton. Slept at Uppingham, breakfast with Mr. Butt. Dined Witham Common. Slept at Grantham. Dined at Heathcot’s at Newark. Slept Barnby Moor. Home evening. Total Exp. 34.12.0. Lady Wm. Seymour very ill – first son. Ramsdens and Greens.

18th Jun. Boys home from Guiseley. Many pleasant rides with Miss Ramsden.

9 Jul. St. and Jas home. Hott. Mr. and Mrs. Bethell 3 days. Mr. B. and sons to Selby. Hy Willoughby and Mr. Hasted to spend day.

23rd The Willoughbys, Mr. and Mrs. Heywood and 3 daughters and Mr. Hasted dined. Mrs. Snell and Miss M. arrived.

Aug. Mr. B. and Jas to fetch Stamp.

28th They returned in the coach.

2nd Sep. Set Mrs. S. to Ferrbybridge. She not very well.

11th Mr. B. went to stay at Mr. Price’s for Selby Bruster Sessions. Returned for 3 o’clock dinner.

26th – 30th Mr. B. at Uppingham – Stamp poorly.

8th Oct. Mr. B. to meet sons at Ferrybridge. Lady Harewood called. 15-20 Jos and Ed home.

 24th Stamp and Jas returned home, cost nearly 7.

Nov. Foljambes and Trings, Miss Hassell and Lady Fountayne. Mourning for Aunt Riddle. With Mrs. Dring called on Mrs. Fox at Bramham.

7th Dec. Mr. B. a heavy fall from his horse – bled. Rent day.

20th & 22nd Dec. All boys here.

31st A large merry party and a dance in the evening.


1st Jan. A merry party and a dance. At home with a nice party of young friends. Twelfth Day much fun. Mr. Wrangham 4 days. Mr. B. bought a lottery tkt for 34-2-0. My sister took one share for 8-10-6. All a lost concern. Mr. Willoughby and family a fortnight and enjoyed much shooting.

2nd Feb. Jos and Ed to school. With Philippa, St and Jas. To Harveys at Finningkey Park. S & J to school. One night with Col. Ramsden. Mrs. Grimston and dtrs a few days.

Mar. Ramsdens and Foljambes.

25th Set out sluth 90 mls. One night at Birds Place. Boston on 28th. Play, opera, amusements.

9th Apr. My mother consults a physician in Town.

11th I walked to Southall to see Lady Seymour. A dinner for my father’s tenants – much snow fell early. To stay at Clapham, Philippa for 10 days with her Aunt Baker. I went with Mrs. S. to Mrs. Harry Bond at Greenwich. Socials.

7th May At Capt. Bonds – a large party of relations – an elegant feast.

11th May Walked by the side of the new canal to Southall.

12th Left to Birds Place, a fine soft evening rain to lay the dust. Dined Ickwell Bury. Slept Bugden. Stamford at 2.30. Stamp and Jas met us for a lovely walk in Berley Park. Slept at Barnby Moor. Home

15th. 7 weeks 45. Drove to Scarborough, home next day.

17th and 20th Boys home. Greens to stay.

23rd June Scarborough. Took Miss Etherington’s large house – 1 month 35-15-0. 30th Sweet weather. Went out in a little boat, 2 hours, with Stamp and the girls.

3rd Jul. Mr. J. Raper arrived. We home on 21st. Very hott. Total exp 106-2-8.

15th In party.

28th Sons to school. Mourning for Mr. John Bond.

Aug. We enjoy our little boat frequently on the river.

Sep. Concert York and one at Tadcaster for Dr. Mang’s benefit. With Mr. B. to visit the Prices at Camelford. Caleys at Mount Pleasant. Drings at Thorp Arch and Ashtons.

3rd Oct. The happy news of peace arrived at night.

8th Mrs. Harvey and daughter and her husband name changed from Thornton to Astell. Prices, Caleys, Duncombes.

19th Dec. Sons home.

25th Self and girls in bed with severe colds. Mr. B. and boys rode to church.

27th Mother dies (a very severe cold). I lamented her loss most severely. She was so kind and sweet tempered to all around her. Very good account of Lady Seymour and her boy.


Frost and snow till 21st Jan then high winds and floods.

2nd Feb. My dear Husband bought a conservatory full of fine plants. All brought home safe and placed in the dinner parlour till the house was got ready. It was all finished 8th.

27th My plants putting in the new house. A fine day to admire and enjoy the collection.

29th The coachman and Sally Acomb set out at six o’clock in the whiskey. 30th We set out at 5.30. Slept at Grantham. Next day to Clapham 7.30 17. The servants in the whiskey arrived safely in the evening.

14th May Stamp from school for one day. Mr. Beber’s plant collection.

17th All went to see Col Clethorn march into Houslow.

20th The fine band of music arrived with the colors. A large dinner party of 27 – my brother’s fellow officers. Salkelds arrived. The band played at Brentford. To see Yew Gardens and the ?Cancaroons?. Returned to Clapham, leaving Philippa at Boston. Chamberlains, Bonds.

13th May Somerset House Exhbn of Pictures.

17th Left Boston to Bury St. Edmunds. Called upon Mr. and Mrs. Ord and Hastells on us. Breakfast (Mr. Harry Willoughby) at Cambridge. Sleep Grantham.

20th Home. Cold.

21st May Change – fine, hott. Walked to Healaugh Church. To Fairfaxes at Bilbrough.

31st Mr. B. ill at night, violent sickness. Mr. Shann a fortnight.

14th Jun. Better.

19th Boys holidays.

22nd Jas from Uppingham.

3rd Jul. Stamp home. Mr. B. went to fetch Miss Ramsden in the whiskey. 12th York Election day.

15th Col. Ramsden to dinner to 17th.

20th Fine fishing party. Cold dinner under a tent.

21st Miss R. left.

2nd Aug. Jas to Uppingham by coach.

16th Brother and sisters arrive.

Sep. Bro and wife left us for Harewood.

7th Dined Prices, Camelford, so Mr. B. went to publick meeting.

9th Returned home by South Cave to visit Mrs. Green.

13th One night to see the Ewbanks at Londesbro. 16th Sep. We all attended an oritorier at Tadcaster Church. Willoughbys, Foljambes, Marshalls from Maston and Drings dine and accompany us.

8th Jas. Home.

26th Bro and sisters to dinner.

21st Mr. and Mrs. R. and Daughters 21 to 23.

23rd Set out on a little ramble to see Castle Howard. Slept at the very good inn.

24th To Dunscombe Park. Dined Hamsley, slept Kirby Moorside.

25th Scarborough evening play. Drank tea with the Langleys.

27th Bro and sisters returned with Philippa to Healaugh. We went by Driffield to Beverley to sleep and next day to Hull. Called at Greens and Browns (?) and left my son JAMES at Mr. Collins to learn busyness. It did not succeed in being a good education. They were very vulgar people. By Beverley and Mkt Wtn to H. on 29th.

1st to 12 Oct. Bro. enjoyed some good shooting. Were glad to see them all so happy.

14th Foljambes and 2 chrn to a few days.

15th Mr. Harvey does, fall from horse, on the Downs.

18th Mr. and Mrs. Price’s annual visit for a publick meeting at Tadcaster.

8th Nov. To visit Mrs. Green in Hull. Took Philippa. 4 days, 2 plays. Jas. dined with us.

12th Returned home to 5 o’clock dinner.

1st Dec. Mixed my mince pie all by myself.

16th News of Stampy (Uncle) death.

15th Stamp home at 8am.

18th Boys from school. 23rd Jas. from Hull.

25th All at church.

27th Willoughby family for the holydays.


5th Jan. News of birth of Henry, Lady Wm Seymour’s second son.

6th Had some friends for a little dance to please myself and my dear chrn. Mrs. Raper brought Miss Bird to see us. Another party – the Marshalls, Willoughbys, John Caleys and Rapers. Had much fun and another little Ball.

13th Mr. Chatelas, last French lesson.

20th Party to a dance at Caleys at Mount Pleasant. Severe frost and some snow. Joseph and Philippa walked to Hutton to breakfast.

26th All sons ??? Rain this month. The birds began to sing.

Mar. Frequent showers of snow.

15th to 21st Mrs. Harvey, son and daughter with Miss Gibberd here.

26th Mr. B. with Philippa to Finningley Park.

26th I set out with my dear Jane and Martha and Sally Acombe in the chaise with post horses. Slept at Grantham, met Mr. B. and Philippa. Sleep at Akenbury Hill.

30th To Bird’s House. Staid some days. Lovely weather, much walking.

2nd Apr. To Boston. With Mr. B. to see Mrs. S. Mrs. Bullock came to Boston. Easter all at Church twice. Lady W. Seymour and boys came.

23rd Took a walk to hear the fine organ for the Abbey music and saw Miss Green’s repository near Pilworth Church. My son, Stamp, set out early for Mr. Hasted’s at Bury St. Edmunds.

26th To stay at Clapham.

2nd May Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain and their two pleasing daughters, Mr. and Mrs. B. Bond and Mr. Brick dined here. My dear Phil. [Philippa] took her first lesson on the harp at Mrs. Bakers (paid Mr. Charsi half guinea a lesson). She staid the night and had second lesson. Came back to a large party at dinner.

9th B.B., myself, Phil and Miss Mackenzie to the Abbey to hear rehearsal music. A card party, another harp lesson and the last on the 16th.

16th My dear Husband, myself and little Martha set out at 7 in the whiskey (posthorses). Slept Grantham. Home 9 on 18th. Son James to breakfast.

20th Joseph and Ed home from Guiseley.

23rd All left Healaugh, slept Stamford, reached Boston 9 on 24th.

25th My dear sister, Sarah, was married to Rev. Edward Bullock. We went in a party to St. George’s Church from Lord Guiders and partook an elegant breakfast. The happy couple went to a small house near Streatham. We returned to Boston to dinner.

26th Set our for Brighton. Got there 8. Called on Mrs. S. 30th I enjoyed a warm bath, little Jane with me.

4th Jun. Took another bath. Called on Mrs. Kemp. Father arrived. 10th Took a drive with Mrs. S. to buy a nice brown loaf of bread.

17th Set out for Boston for dinner.

20th Set out for home, slept Baldock, Wansford, Scarthing Moor.

23rd To our dear home.

25th Jos and Ed came home with bad coughs. Hay making. Lovely weather.

5th Jul. Stamp came home. Mr. B. took all sons to Hull.

5th Aug. James back to Hull.

6th Stamp took his brother to Guiseley School and my son, Joseph, went to Thorp Arch School.

19th Stamp to Uppingham.

Sep. Mr. B. to Prices for the Bruster Session. Mrs. Green and Miss Poole staid a week. Calls from Ewbanks, Langleys, Greens.

10th A publick feast at Church.

10th Nov. Went to Hull to visit Mrs. Green (sister of Lord Hawke).

28th Joseph very ill scarlet fever. Brought him home from Thorp Arch.

30th Phil. catches fever very badly, and the housemaid. Happily all recovered in a fortnight.

17th Dec. Joseph went to fetch Edward from school (Finals there). Stamp arrived then went to stay some days at Hutton.

31st All met happily and were together at the end of this year – Mr. Allings of Hull received 100 gns a year for my son, James, his board and all exp. Travelling exp this year 186.


Jan. Much snow – floods – the boys sailing in the Ingg.

25th Ed and Jos to Thorp Arch School.

3rd Feb. Set out at 6. Got to Witham Common to sleep.

4th Stamp left us for Uppingham. 4th Arrived Harveys at 7.

9th Left Ickwell Bury early – roads bad – weather cold – late into Clapham. All my dear girls caught cold. Bullocks and Bakers called. Phil. to continue harp lessons, staying with bakers. Coach party to see Liverian Museum.

17th To Boston.

24th Back to Clapham.

29th Harp – never played with great execution, a very difficult instrument to manage, but sweet for a voice to accompaniment.

5th Mar. To Boston. The harp came down from London. We walked a party to see Lady Seymour. Mr. B. staid overnight at Pointers. Bro. came. Salkelds, Snell Mackenzie came over.

22nd Phil’s last harp lesson. Stamp arrived. Went to London and brought Mrs. W. back.

26th A night at Clapham. Bakers and Seymours to dinner.

29th Left dear Boston at 11 to Bird’s Place.

31st To Ickwell Bury for tea. Slept at Wansford. Mr. Christy with Stamp.

3rd Apr. Stamp left for school. We dined at Barmby Moor and slept at Doncaster. Home after 6 weeks.

7th Young Christy bring my sons and young Ewbank from T. Arch to dinner. Returned early to TA. Mr. B. to Pomfret Sessions.

20th Rent Day. A fine new pianoforte arrived from London.

23rd Mr. Burley’s first dancing lesson.

28th Boys and Ewbank to dinner.

2nd May Richard, the coachman, broke a small bone in his leg. Took a walk to hear the sweet nightingale sing.

7th The dinner parlour setting to rights and papering. Kay papering the Library.

5th Jun. Stamp from school.

9th Healaugh Church repairing. Went to Newton Church. Mr. B. stook Stamp to Hull in the phaeton.

15th All came home. Miss Ewbank and her sister, Jane, to dinner. We all went to hear the Young Men’s Exhibition at Thorp Arch.

28th Haymaking – showery.

16th Jul. Went to a lodging in York for the Assizes 16-10-8. Assembly, a play, assembly, a play, went a party to hear the Silver Miners Music in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. came to bring my dear Jane.

21st returned home by Hutton and brought home my girls.

1st Aug. Mr. B. out in the phaeton with Philippa and Stamp to convey E..B. to a school at Halifax. Joseph rode in the evening to school.

3rd Violent thunder storm.

21st Stamp rode to the Race Ground. We all went to the Races and I slept at Drings. Ball, races, play, home. The gentlemen rode.

1st Sep. Mrs. Fox and dtr and Miss Beckford. Had some good music. Dr. Hague and dtrs, Marshall, Wyclifs dine. Stamp and HW to Pomfret Races. Mr. Hasted dinner and night.

6th Oct. Very busy putting up the Drawing Room Furniture.

23rd Stamp and Mr. Entwistle went early to Cambridge.

2nd Dec. Made discovery that all the servants up at 6 praying. Jones, my sister’s maid, arrived. Bro and sisters arrive.

14th Rent day.

19th Bro and sisters went. All at church

25th. Very cold, snow and frost.


1st Jan. Skating. Bro and strs, ws son and dtr staid. A high flood. Servants could not walk.

21st Feb. Joseph high fever. Two physicians – I sat up with him several nights – brought Mr. Shann.

6th mar. A little better. 8th Left Hull with my poor son. Change of air was good.

29th York concert.

3rd Apr. J. returned to Hull on Mail coach.

8th Set out. Slept Ferrybridge, Newark, Grantham, Boston. There met Stamp, Philippa and the Salkelds. Easter Sunday Sacrament to attend. Took a walk to Isleworth Repository. The Bullocks. Lady Wm. took a party of six to London. Party of nine went to a play. Party of ten went to British Museum. Mrs. Macnamara gave her first lesson on the harp at her house. Father ill. “Pray open the shutters that I may see the glorious sun rise once more before my death”. He had been a most kind, indulgent parent. I did love and respect him. Always pleased to give him pleasure. Calls panorama and exhbns. Staid at Bird’s Place. My dear uncle always happy, so happy to see us and the young people always so merry. Ickwell Bury to dinner at Mrs. Harveys.

11th to 14th Travel home after nine weeks. Green, Buchanans, Harveys. Mr. B. and and sons to Hull and on to Hornsea. Away a week.

Jul. Harveys 3 days.

15th Jul. Jane, pains in the head. Mr. Shann applied 4 leaches, then bled her in the arm.

21st Bled her in the temple. She bore it with great resolution. I was really astonished. It was a fearful trial but happily succeeded and in a week, by great care and kind attention from Mr. Shann, recovered.

6th Aug. All to Scarborough with the Harveys. Lady Middleton and Lady Lawley called. Drive to Forge Valley.

2nd Sep. home. Joseph ill at Hull.

2nd Oct. Bethells came dinner. Staid 5 days. Dr. Hague. Good music.

15th Mr. B. and Joseph to Hull.

23rd Stamp and Mr. Entwistle went to Cambridge.

Nov. My nursery maid, Sally Acombe, very ill. Went to Tadcaster to be nursed. Nov. Mrs. Bethell’s death at Wallingford.

16th Dec. Rent day. Edward home. Wet flooded year end.


7th Jan. Mr. Mrs. Fairfax and Miss Chalmers dinner and stay.

8th Emma W. and her bro. a dance in the evening.

12th Mr. Bethell died.

18th Stamp and Joseph went to Mr. Rapers for a dance in York.

31st Ed to school my mail coach.

7th Feb. All at a York concert and ball with the Rapers.

8th Sally Acomb died of consumption.

24th Mar. Set out to see Mrs. Foljambe at Rilby, near Doncaster. Very near Osberton, a very wilde spot. Called on the Ramsdens and at Scarthing Moor. Slept at Witham Common. Stamford Stilton Bagdenford.

29th To Ickwell Bury.

5th Apr. To Bird’s Place.

7th To Boston.

8th To Clapham. Salkeld, Bakers, Bullocks, Bourchiers, Bethells. Lessons on the harp.

2otH May Set out Bird’s Place.

21st Alconbury Hill. Grantham. Mr. Ramsdens to sleep.

23rd Left.

26th Eight weeks away. Willoughby, Dr. and Mrs. Shann. Went to Archers at Thorp Arch – a violent thunderstorm so staid overnight.

12th Jun. Dined with Mrs. Grimstone. Mr. Chas. Bond dies.

19th All to Scarborough.

23rd On to Bridlington to Mrs. Bethells at Catfoss.

24th Jun. Walked on sands at Hornsea. Mr. B. and Ed to Hull – we called on the Whartons.

26th We drove to see Rise, party for dinner at Whartons.

27th Burton Constable – a curious old house.

28th Home.

Jul. Thundery week. Walked to see Mr. Clough’s house at Oxton.

31st A new carpet in my dressing room, newly papered.

1st Aug. Miss Chaloners had a little sail at Smaws. Bought many little things to help all in great debt. Miss Bird’s death. Mrs. Shall and Mrs. Kendal.

17th Nov. Three Miss Bethells staid with us 5 weeks – sadly to long a visit.

26th Mr. and Mrs. Green 4 days.

20th Dec. Jas and Ed here. 25th All at church. Self, Miss Bethell and Philippa tea with Mrs. Shann. 30th Frost. I walk with Misses B. to Thorp Arch for calls.


9 Jan. Miss Bs leave us, had spent 6 weeks.

23rd Concert in York with 2 sons and 2 dtrs.

4th Feb. Stamp to York Ball given by Lady Johnson. 5th Mr. Robinson and Mr. Blincoe 2 day visit (Mr. R. married Miss Stamp B. a very elegant young lady cousin).

9th Mar. Lodging in York. Assizes. Week 4 gns. 2 assemblies, 2 concerts, brought the Ramsdens home for 3 days 10.

11 Apr. To Ramsdens at Carlton 3 days – on to Grantham. To Baldocks. 17th Boston, staid 10 days, cold, snow. 27th To Clapham for 5 weeks.

May All to breakfast with our dear Stamp at his chambers in London.

25th To Boston for a week.

30th Set out, 2 nights at Bird’s Place, Alconbury, Grantham, Doncaster, home 4th June.

5th Jun Mr. B. attended County Election.

18th Mr. B., Jas and Ed to Hull.

23rd Mr. B. and Ed return.

Jul. Haymaking. 6 turkeys hatched.

13th Mr. Hasted arrived with Stamp, to a play. 15th Assembly in York and play – all.

17th Play and assembly, left Stamp in York.

1st Aug. Went to Scarborough to see my son, Stamp, sail away to Norway with kind friends. It was a nervous sight to me.

3rd Mr. B. and his dtrs arrived, staid 6 weeks.

9th Sep. All home.

19th Stamp home in the evening.

7th Oct. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bond, little Charles and Mr. Chas Bond came from Harrogate to dinner and staid a week.

5th Nov. Hear of death of Mr. Wm B.

16 Dec. Hear of Mr. Christopher Clitherow’s death, particular kind friend to us all.

25th All happy at home till the end of the year.


1st Jan. Mr. B. and Jas to Hull.

4th Returned and Jos with them.

4th Feb. Set out in the chariot with 4 post horses, got to Clapham on the 3rd night, staid 3 weeks.

8th Mr. Chamberlain died suddenly (mourning). Mrs. C. died 22nd.

26th To stay at Boston. Busy getting linen for my son, Joseph, going to India.

21st Mar. To Clapham.

7 Apr. Left C from Boston. 8th To Bird’s Place.

11th On to Harveys, Ickwell Bury. 18th Left. Had a cold journey.

May Mr. and Mrs. Harvey came.

27th Jun. Left for a four in Scotland, taking Philippa with them.

3rd Jul. The Bethells staid a month.

3rd Aug. A little tour to see the Ramsdens. 3 days there. On to Matlock, staid a week.

16th Paid Lady WS a little visit at Hinckley (there with her, poor lame son under Mr. Cheshire’s care).

18th To Leicester, left my son, Edward, with Mr. Vaughns. To Nottingham.

19th called on Ramsdens at Mansfield Woodhouse and at Carlton – all out. Slept Doncaster. Home.

25th Harveys returned. Philippa had been highly pleased.

Sep. The Bethells from Catfoss.

Oct. Philippa to the Grimstones at Thorp Arch 1st to 5th.

25th Mrs. C. Bond and Lady Jodrell staid 2 nights.

Nov. Mrs. Green and Miss Ewbank staid 3 days.

25th Dec. All at church. A merry party at home. Mr. Entwistle came. The Willoughbys here a few days.


9th Jan. A dance at the Duncombes. Fairfaxes came to go with us.

18th Three sons to a York assembly, return 5am.

20th Stamp by the Mail to YAXLEY Barracks.

24th Feb. Set out. Stamp met us at Stilton, slept at Eaton, Hatfield, Boston.

1st Mar. Mrs. Cl. Took Philippa to town, they brought a harp home.

13th To Clapham for three weeks.

30th To Boston with Phil and Martha.

31st Jane poorly.

1st Apr. From Mrs. Bakers to consult Dr. Vaugh.

3rd Returned to Clapham.

27th Left Clapham, called on the John Clitherows, on to Bird’s Place.

1st May to Ickwell Bury. To a merry tea party.

5th Mr. Harvey gave a dinner party to 150 men, his troop.

8th Left the Harveys. Stamp met us near Stilton. We called on the Marshalls at Newark. My sons went to school from Stamford. Home

11th May. Away 2 months.

31st Lady S. and son, Henry, arrived.

We all went to Scarborough on 5th Jun. Staid at Mrs. Sollitt’s lodging on the Cliff. 6 weeks 47. Total exp. 77.

9th Went home immediately on Mrs. Tymm’s death.

17th Mr. B. to Hull.

20th bank with James.

24th Stamp came.

29th Mr. B. and Stamp went home.

1st Jul. A grand field day at the Castle in the morning, had a large party to tea in the evening. Lady WS was much fatigued.

3rd Husband and son returned.

5th Stamp left us. We met Worsleys, Peas, Rapers, Greens, Haywoods.

10th Home. Jane staid with the Rapers.

24th Rapers brought Jane home.

4th Aug. Mrs. Green and the Bethells.

22nd I, Lady WS, Stamp and Jane rode to the Races.

23rd Ball.

24th Races.

26th Peas and WS dined and slept.

6th Sep. Stamp and James took Philippa to visit Mrs. Green at Ambleside.

8th Miss Bs. Left after 5 weeks.

22nd Mr. Entwistle for shooting sport.

25th To Don. Races.

Oct. Mrs. Smith and dtr from Maston called.

18th Sent my son, Edward, linen to Cambridge.

Nov. Visit the Caskells at Lupset Hall. Dine at Stanley with the Heywoods.

8th To Wakefield Courtroom and called on Hawksworth.

10th Mrs. Raper and little girl for a few days.

25th Dec. All well and at church. (Lieut Brooksbank of the 24 Regiment 1st Battalion stated at Cape Town. Cox and Greenwood army agents (Joseph).


Jan. Concerts at York. Slept at Rapers.

Feb. Left Phil at Mrs. Greens.

Mar. The Assizes. Visits, concerts, plays.

27th Had the pleasure of seeing my dear bro and sister, Mary.

4th Apr. They left us for Hull.

9th Set out – dined with the Harveys at The Cottage, slept at Bawtry. By Scarthing Moor to Grantham, Bawtry. Stamford to Wansford. 45 miles to Baldock.

13th Arrived Clapham.

23rd Drove to Wimbledon (the Bullocks). Left Phil and Jane with them. Saw all our dear friends and left after 2 months on May 24th.

29th May Bro and Miss Wilson met us at Stilton, the HQ. Went to see Burley house.

30th Slept at Grantham.

31st Walked up to Bilby Moor from Barmby Moor, slept there.

1st Jun Home.

6th Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Miss Wilson came at 10pm.

9th Aug. left us after 8am breakfast.

16th Jul. My dear Husband took Phil, Martha and Edward into Westmoreland.

25th They home. A DREADFUL THUNDERSTORM fell at Lord Scarborough on 31st Aug when Bakers were there on a visit. It began at seven in the evening and lasted till past nine, with great and frightful violence and such damage. Ten thousand and eighty three panes of glass broke in the gardens. One hundred pheasants drowned. Pigs and sheep drowned. Nearly one thousand pounds damage done to Ld S’s Home Farm. The largest hailstone measured 7 inches circumference, AND MANY FROM FOUR TO SIX PICKED UP THE NEXT MORNING.

16th Aug Mr. and Mrs. Baker arrived.

20th Stamp rode to York races. Major Smith paid a short visit.

21st Mr. B. drove to the Race Ground.

23rd Went a party to the Minster and on to the Race Ground.

31st Bakers left.

6th Sep. Went to Scarborough. 5 weeks all exp 159-12-0.

27th Oct. Had a very bad account of Mrs. Snell, sit up late for the rail.

28th Second alarming account.

29th We set out at 2 o’clock in the morning with my dear Husband and Martha. Travelled in a hack chaise all night and got to Clapham at nine in the morning of 30th. Found dear Mrs. S. alive just to know us and the good old lady expired the next morning. We found Mrs. Page and dtr at Clapham. Mr. Hood sent for immediately – he staid dinner.

1st Nov. Mrs. Page, Martha, Miss Mackenzie to town to order mourning. Philippa in Westmoreland and Jane at Miss Foljambes at Scarborough.

8th Stamp arrived.

9th Funeral at half past ten. West to Walsombstone where her second husband was buried.

10th Mr. B. and Mr. H. in town all day on busyness. Aunt Mary B. dies.

13th Mrs. And Miss Page left.

23rd I to town with my dear Husband.

24th Mr. Baines to value furniture.

26th Mr. Fogg, the fine china.

1st Dec. James and sisters arrived from Yorks.

24th I went with Mr. Miller to look for house for her in Clapham.

26th We all went to Boston, staid a fortnight. Richard took the old horses to Clapham and brought a new paid of brown horses from London. 140.


20th Jan. Returned home. Mrs. Miller deranged. The Clapham House was sold for 7,560 on 25th Jan.

1st Jan at Boston. Had my 3 sons and 3 dtrs with me.

4th Went with Mr. B. and Edward to pack up at Clapham. We took town lodgings for a few days. Edward to Boston.

11th 2 waggons and a cart load on to go to York.

15th We left Boston, met Mr. B. at Barhet, slept at Hatfield, Bugden, Witham, Scarthing, Doncaster. Home

20th – bad weather.

25th A wagon load with furniture arrived all safe BY LAND>

26th Sent two wagons to York for the rest that came by sea.

Feb. Very busy many days unpacking the goods that came from C.

19th Very much enjoyed the new barouche. Went to church in it.

18th All to York, concert.

19th Assembly. Left Jane at Rapers 2 weeks.

7th Mar. Brought Jane home.

14th James took Miss Mackenzie to London on the mail coach.

21st The poor old Healaugh Clerk died.

28th We set out on a journey, slept Ferrybridge.

1st Jun. Cambridge at noon. Had a fine day to walk about with Edward

2nd Heavy rain, went to all the fine chapels. Dined at 5 then had a long walk.

3rd Went on our journey. Ickwell, Bury.

4th Mr. B. to London on sad busyness, staid some days.

5th Good old Mr. Markham died.

8th Mr. B. and Jas returned.

14th Went a new road by Eitchin to Bird’s Place.

15th Boston.

17th to a Review.

24th To Pointers (the Pages) for 3 days. Bullocks for 4. Mr. B. often in town.

1st Jul. Miss Mackenzie back to her friends. Horse lame so we hired one from Ballards to go on our journey into Dorsetshire.

4th Visited three cousins in Winchester (Sir Wm. Blackstone’s dtrs). To Ringwood to sleep. Dear Mrs. Baker met us at Blandford. Salkelds to dinner.

8th Went to Fifeheads, took Jane and brought Ann back.

17th All went to stay some days at Salkelds.

31st To Boston.

1st Aug. Mr. B. and Edward to twon.

2nd I to town with my girls, called on Mrs. Hood and son James.

6th Set out home. Slept Baldock.

9th I and girls home.

9th Mr. B. home.

27th Mrs. C. sister Mary and Miss Wilson arrived, bro in evening.

3rd Sep. Col and Mrs. C. left us for Hull.

16th Miss Mac. arr. from Scotland.

20th James arr. by mail coach from London.

30th A party to York to see fine horsemanship and rope dancing.

15th James and Jane to Scarborough.

19th Mary to Harewood, Phil to Grimstones.

22nd Both back.

24th Mr. and Mrs. Bethell visited, did the duty at church.

4th Nov. James and Mr. John Raper took care of Mary to Boston.

30th Went to York to fetch Jane who had been 5 weeks at Scarborough with Rapers for good of health.

21st Dec. Phil back. All my family happily met at end of year. Cold and snow. Mrs. Miller better.


Jan. Mr. Bullock had some preferment. Mr. R. Ramsden visited.

Feb. Mr. Salkeld died.

26th Eight little does brought home from the Manor Orchard. We heard from my son, Joseph, in India (Sep. 29th 1811)

11th Mar. Lodging in York for The Assizes.

16th Snow.

3rd Apr. At a concert, night at apers.

13th Measles in village.

17th Concert.

22nd Stamp to Ireland with the regiment.

27th Mr. B., Martha and Miss Mac. to London. Took John Slipper to attend them. Away 2 weeks.

12th May Mr. B. ill on journey – home. Mr. Shann. Improved. Miss Bethells 5 weeks. Bird’s Place sold for 14,000.

15th Jun. Mr. Green took Philippa for a long visit.

26th We set out a little ramble Thirsk – Red Carr – Whitby. About a week.

20th Jul. Miss Child to London by the coach.

3rd Aug. Set out for Scarborough, took Miss Raper and Harry with us. Mr. B., Martha and Edward next day. Son, James, arrived. Had Mrs. Leak’s house for six weeks. All exp. 214. Ball, Mr. Hood and his bro. drank tea. Mr. B. and sons home for a few days. Bal. Hoods and Emma Willoughby drank tea. Mr. Miller took my picture when staying in Scarborough.

11th Sep. All left Scar.

24th Mr. Hood to dinner.

1st Oct. Mr. Sairs and Mr. Cresswell to dinner.

12th Received a beautiful little cabinet from Miss Foljambe. It was a present for my dear Jane. I have always had it in my care.

16th York Election. Mr. B. rode to vote (took Edward).

22nd A letter came from James and a second before we were gone to bed. My dear good Husband wrote immediately to his son, James.

31st Stamp arrived in his gig.

13th Nov. Mrs. Green brought P. home and staid some days.

19th Miss Foljambe arrived and staid 3 weeks. Miller very badly.

Dec. All at Church Christmas Day, dull, cold.

28th The Harveys arrived to dinner.


The year began with some lovely fine days.

1st Stamp returned to Ireland.

12th Mr. B. attended Sessions. We hear from Cork of Stamp’s safe arrival.

13th Thick fall of snow for some days.

9th Feb. The dear birds began to sing. We were busy planting.

19th To Rapers, dinner and concert.

8th Mar. Took Mrs. Halfpenny’s lodging in York for the Assizes. 8-8-0. 2 weeks. It was only very small for me, Martha, Miss Mackenzie. Philippa was with Mrs. Green and Jane at the Rapers. All exp. 12-2-6. Went to two assemblies, two concerts and two Grand Jury dinners, all included.

17th Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bethell came home with us.

20th The Whartons come to stay.

23rd All left us. Planted 250 young hollies.

4th Apr. Put on mourning for the Dutches of Brunswick.

19th Went to see the Willougbys at Finningley Park, staid a week.

26th To see Mrs. Foljambe at Bilby. Extreme cold.

29th Walk to see Osberton, a charming house and gardens. Mr. B. arrived with Hy and Emma Willoughby. We walked to Hoshead.

7th May Went to Mr. Ramsdens at Carlton to dinner. Drove to see Roach Abbey with Mrs. Foljambe and Emma. Next day to Clumber.

5th home to dinner and Miss Weywood came.

10th Mr. B. took Miss Heywood home to Stanley Hall.

31st Jane went to stay a few days with the Whartons.

3rd Jun. Back. 6th Read a letter from Mr. L. Raper and answered it immediately.

12th Mr. B. heard from Mr. R. and wrote him at Scarborough.

18th Mr. Harry Ramsden came for a few days.

19th John Raper came in a post chaise to stay till Monday.

22nd Began haymaking, lovely weather. Thunder storm. P.B. went to dine with Mrs. Withers and Philippa met Mrs. Green and left home.

5th Jul. John Raper here again. Mr. and Mrs. Raper and dtr came to look at Lotherton, staid 2 nights.

17th Mr. John Raper and his brother came over, staid 3 nights.

25th Long thunderstorms. Mr son, Edward, went to the Arch Bishop of York to be examined for the church.

8th My uncle’s youngest son, John Clitherow, died. He was a sailor.

31st Mr. John Raper staid 2 nights.

2nd Aug. Left home at 2 o’clock, baited at Boroughbridge, slept at Thirsk. Baited at the Tontine Inn to look at Mount Grace, a very pretty church, now a ruin, for a picture. Dined Stockton, to Seaton, a quiet sea bathing place. Staid 3 days. Drove down on the sands to see Hartlepool. Went in a boat to see a large windmill.

6th left, dined Castle Eden, a little walk down a fine road to the sea. In rain to Sunderland to sleep. A fine handsome bridge and a noble pier to the sea. We walked down and returned in a boat and went above the bridge. Sunday at Durham, cathedral service. Got wet.

9th Dined at Newcastle. Went to Tynemouth. Staid 2 nights. Got a nice hot bath. A curious little bay for sea bathing. Took a drive to small bathing place.

11th To Newcastle and Darlington to sleep. Baited at Northallerton. I called upon Mrs. Hewgill, Mrs. Willoughby’s sister. Dined Boro’, home half past nine. After 11 days. 32.

17th Stamp and Miss Mac came by the mail.

21st Mr. John Raper and sis. Came. Stamp to Races – staid Rapers.

1st Sep. Mr. John Raper and bro. came over for a few days.

5th Mr. and Mrs. Raper came to dinner and slept.

5th MY SON EDWARD ORDAINED at the Bishop’s Palace. Stamp went to dine and sleep at Sir William Milner’s at Non Appleton.

12th Edward went to preach his first sermon at Pyther Church where he got his title. Mr. John Raper here frequently from Saturday to Monday. Edward does duty at Healaugh.

27th Stamp returned to Ireland.

2nd Oct. Miss Foljambe came for a few days.

23rd Miss Raper and her brothers came to be ready for the wedding.

25th My son, Edward, MARRIED his beloved sister to MR. J.L. RAPER at Healaugh Church. We did feel very sorry to part with my dearest Jane, but trusted as it was her own choice, she will be very happy. Miss Raper and Harry staid two days with us.

28th We set out for Scarborough. Had Mrs. Jane Sollit’s house for 3 weeks. 8-15-6. All exp. 65.

6th Nov. All the Rapers dined with us. 16th Mr. J.L.R. suddenly home on Mr. Copley’s death.

19th We left Scar.

20th Called on dtr Raper in York.

21st Rapers all came to dinner and staid the night.

29th Philippa home in her own carriage.

Dec. Fine and enjoyed it.


7th Jan. Mr. B. attended a great meeting at The Asylum. We all dined at Rapers.

14th Much snow and keen frost. A poor man going home to Healaugh was froze to death. Miller came to stay on Mr. Tasker’s death.

20th Snow so heavy, no mail came in for 4 nights.

28th Such a quantity fell, my son did duty at home. My beloved Husband very poorly from severe weather.

26th A thaw. Then more hard frost and snow.

2nd Feb. Edward and his sisters walked on the ice on the river below the house.

8th Dined with the Rapers. P.B. met us and made up her mind to leave us. I was so very wretched on the subject. She called next days to see me and we returned to dinner and left my beloved daughter with Mrs. Green in York.

Mar. More snow. Heard Capt. Wm. Cllitherow’s death in action at Toulouse.

11th Great news arrived from Paris.

19th Apr. The plasters came to couler the Hall and parlor.

10th May Walked to enquire after Mrs. Shann – she died after 3 weeks.

9th My dear Philippa went to pay Mrs. Green a long visit in Cumberland. Death of Wm. Blackstone.

1st Jul. Mrs. Thos. Bond and Lady Joddrel came, 5 days.

6th Mrs. Page and dtr came.

9th Mr. B. drove Miss Page, Martha and Ed to see the Flint Mills at Thorp Arch. Called on Mrs. Garforth.

11th Went to call on Mrs. W. and Mrs. Hewgill at Hutton.

12th All to dine with the John Rapers at York and see the minster.

13th Mr. Page. 21st the Pages left.

22nd Mr. B. had another great meeting at the York Asylum.

25th Mr. B. at Assizes. Sir Francis Wood, the High Sheriff. Concert, play, visit to Lady Wood.

29th Concert and ball.

3rd Aug. Stamp went to pay Col Bewick a visit at Close House, Northumberland.

3rd Ed to Archbishop to be examined. Dined at Mr. Fosters at Ryther.

8th Set out for Scar. Met the Ramsdens and many friends.

22nd Left Scar. Had part of Mrs. Featherstone’s house. Found it in every respect a cold, disagreeable lodging. Paid 16-2—6, maid 1. All other exp. 36-15-6.

22nd Had a lodging in York. Mrs. Sayers, paid 8-8-0. In Lendall, small but clean and comfortable. All amusements and exp. 12-12-0.

27th All at the Races and home.

3rd Sep. Went to Harrogate to see my dear bro. There for health. Dined at Green Dragon with above a hundred at table. Stamp home.

12th Mrs. C. to dine and night.

15th Dined at Harrogate, saw a balloon go up. Over night.

19th Sir Chas. Morgan and his 2 dtrs and youngest son to dinner. Staid 2 nights, very fashionable young ladies. Mr. and Mrs. C. to dinner and left us on 25th.

1st Oct. Mr. and Mrs. Bethell and the Cls and left us on 3rd.

6th to 8th Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maisters and Capt Wilson and Miss Pool.


Nov. Cut out the scarlet morine parlor curtains. All put up on 10th.

19th Mrs. Thos. Bond and Lady Joddrel staid 4 nights.

Dec. Snow. 16th A frightful high wind.


21st Jan. My dear Husband went with Stamp to see Miss Hunter at Mr. Hartleys, Middleton Lodge to meet the Hunter family and settle the match.

25th Another meeting in York on important busyness with the lawyers and met Mr. Hunter and his dear father. Stamp staid the night at Rapers.

26th With Mr. Hunter to dine and sleep.

2nd Feb. All the Hunters to dinner and staid 3 days. Many houses were inquired after for my dear son’s residence.

22nd We set out on a journey to the south. Boston by 4 on third day. Two days at London Hotel.

2nd Mar. Pointers 2 nights.

6th To Mrs. Grove’s Hotel, sleep, play, calls.

8th The Salkdelds departed.

10th With the Harveys to a charming oratorio at Covent Garden.

13th Ed to Oxford on busyness.

14th Went for a few days to the London hotel for amusements, enjoyed a fine oritorio and an opera. Miss Mackenzie and son, James, accompanied us. We all dined at Mrs. Royde’s in London.

21st Ed home by the mail. Visits to Mrs. S. Brooksbank, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Astell, Lady Wm. Seymour.

28th James set out with us. Slept Biggleswade, Scarthing Moor.

25th home for 4 o’clock dinner.

30th Jas returned to London.

Apr. Mr. B. and Ed went to look at Whitwell, not likely to suit.

12th Went to Elvington to look at another house.

14th Stamp house hunting.

18th Mr. B. to a publick meeting in York about Ouse Bridge.

21st All went to see the Indian Jugglers in York.

May Stamp to London by Mail.

13th Received a bad account of Mr. Baker and my sister, very poorly. Mrs. Garforth (Thorp Arch) dies. Called on Fountain Wilsons at Igmanthrop.

22nd visit returned.

29th Stamp took possession of house at ALNE.

30th We drove over to see it 16 miles from us.

22nd Jun. Hy W. married to Miss Eyre.

8th Jul. Stamp and Mr. H. to dinner.

19th My son James MARRIED TO MISS RAPER AT SHERBORNE. Came here on their way to Lotherton. All the Rapers came here and went to Y in evening.

29th Mr. Salkeld and Jas Wilson for a few days – to Bolton Abbey. My son, Ed, to the Hermitage to marry his brother.


9th Set out a little tour. 12 days. Selby, Lincoln Cath., worth seeing. Cleethorpes, a sea bathing place. Dine 23 in publick room. Very disagreeable. Smell of the lime pits in Lincs. Very disagreeable. Heard of Mr. Baker’s death.

11th Sep. A few days at Alne.

12th Took a little ramble Ryland Abbey, Dunscombe Park, Rivaux Abbey, Mount St. John, back by Thirsk.

29th Miss Bethells staid a month. The Miss Foljambes a week.

13th Oct. Stamp for some days.

5th Nov. Miss Jane Salkeld (niece) ill, in decline. A son and heir born at Ickwell, Bury after 4 grown up dtrs.

22nd Mr. Dean Bethell, Mr. Leonard and the Stamps staid a week.

25th Dec. Mr. John Swan got a hurt, we nursed him some days.


16th Jan. A great meeting in York Lunatic Asylum.

10th Feb. Lost Mr. Willoughby (Hutton) 85 years.

4th Mar. Self, Martha, Miss Mac. to Scarborough.

8th Mr. B. and Edward arrived. Weather too cold to be agreeable – uncommon high winds. 71-6-3. Jane Salkeld died in a decline.

4th Jul. Set out after an early dinner with the Stamps. Slept Doncaster. Went to see a curious iron bridge making in Rotherham, via Sheffield. Slept at Castleton. Into the Peak, a sad wet day, Buxton to sleep.

8th Chatsworth Hall. Onto Matlock, supped in the publick room. A very pretty place. Walked all about in it. To Ashburton to sleep. By Sudbury to Litchfield and Colehill to sleep.

12th Delighted to see Kenilworth Castle and Warwick Castle and slept at Stratford on Avon.

13th To Shipton, Chapel House to Woodstock, saw Blenheim, to Oxford to sleep.

14th Church.

15th Walked about till 1, then to Henley and Maidenhead to sleep.

16th Got to Windsor in very thick fog and rain all the way of 29 mls to Hackney, where my son James was living. Staid a week then on to Boston.

24th To Pointers for dinner.

25th All went to see Oatlands, the Duke of York’s Place.

27th Went a party at Pains Hill.

29th Left Pointers and to Hackney for dinner.

2nd Aug. Set out, slept at Stevenage. To Ickwell Bury, a drive to Southall. 5th Set out. Home for dinner Thursday.

20th The Stamps left us.

17th Mr.and Mrs. Cl. for 2 nights (bro).

18th Sep. To Scarborough. Had Mrs. Sollitt’s house. S.B.s spent one week with us.

27th Heard of the birth of my first grandson.

28th The Cls came and went on to Hull.

16th Oct. Home.

7th Nov. My Son, James, his wife and little boy came to see us.

20th Left us for Lotherton. Child very poorly, had a wet nurse.

27th Dec. Mrs. Baker died.


8th Jan. Joseph safely landed at Deal, has been absent nine years and came home in bad health. 15th He arrived by the mail coach, sadly nervous and much altered.

13th Feb. James and family return to London, all his busyness in high disorder.

26th Mar. My dear Husband and three sons to London to make enquiries.

1st Apr. All back.

16th May To Bridlington for a fortnight.

20th Aug. Hy Seymour, Lady William met us and all to York Races. Ball.

23rd Mr. and Mrs. Hy S. and all their chrn staid some day. Lady William, her son Hy and sister, Mary to Harewood on 30th. Also Mr. Harvey.

2nd Sep. All Harveys left us.

3rd To Scar, had Mrs. Johnson’s house on the Cliff, with Marth and Edward. Joseph came, also Mrs. J. Raper.

12th A party to Scar. I had the care of little John Harvey.

22nd Mr. H. came to dinner. We were all in the same lodgings, a very merry, happy party. Paid 14 gns a week. 61-12-0.

29th Mr. B. and I home.

6th Oct. All the rest of the party came from Scar.

8th Harveys left us.

19th Nov. Princess Charlotte died.

Dec. Phil home from York. 4th Mr. B. and M. staid at Alne.

5th Emma W and Joseph went.

10th Mr. Fowler came to live in the Bridge Cottage.

20th Joseph by the mail coach to Chatham.


Jan. Mrs. And Miss W. came for week. To Alne for a few days. Called on Jane.

9th Mar. Martha went to York, Assizes, to Jane’s.

16th Mr. B. went in phaeton to bring her home.

29th Stamps and Miss Hunter came.

2nd Apr. Set out Ickwell Bury. Mr. B. to London to see the said busyness of Jame’s affaires. Ed met them. Fairfaxes abroad for some time.

9th Mr. B. and Ed back.

13th To London again.

16th Left the Harveys, went to Lady Wm. Seymours.

17th My dear Husband came down to Boston and took me to the hotel with him.

18th Drove to Hackney to see poor Mrs. James.

5th May Mr. B. and Ed went to Town, brought Stamp back with them.

6th Joseph to dinner.

8th Mr. B. to town with his 3 sons.

11th Left Boston for Nerots Hotel. Visits.

16th To Ickwell Bury.

18th Home in 2 days.

25th The Stamps and Phil to dinner.

4th Jun. All went.

3rd Jul. Mr. and Mrs. Stamp and Edward set out on a tour abroad 5 months.

15th To visit the Hunters. Did not reach the Hermitage in the evening. Was pleased with the pretty place and very kind reception. Enjoyed much pleasure, drove to Chipchase and Nunwick. Mr. Allgood’s place, paid the young lady a visit.

29th Left.

2nd Aug. My second grandson born at Hackney.

18th York Races 4 days, a ball and 2 concerts. Joseph joined us.

2nd Nov. Stamp etc landed at Dover.

14th Ed by the mail coach. 19th The Stamps come.

17th. The Queen died.

28th Dec. Philippa came to pay us a visit.


13th Jan. The Ss and Miss Hunter came. Mrs. S. very unwell. Mr. Shann.

28th Martha at a ball at Marshalls. Rode to the Cloughs to take leave of Mrs. Brook, going abroad.

15th Feb. Martha went with Miss H. to spend a few days with the Whartons.

24th All to Alne for a few days.

16th Mar. Hunter family staid a week.

9th Apr. Busy papering my china cabinet.

16th Jun. To Bridlington by Sledmore. The Stamps followed.

20th Mr. Harvey died.

30th Went to Lotherton to see the poor Jameses, staying at Rapers.

16th Jul. The wall in the drawing room knocked down for a double door made between them, an excellent improvement. James and family paid us a visit, all very unhappy. The large mahogany bookcase put up.

13th A new kitchen chimney made, all iron from a man at Sheffield. It broke once and was above a fortnight’s job before all done.

6th Nov. First visit to Grimstone Hall to see Lord and Lady Haden.

28th Dec. Stamps came and took Martha with them to Bretton.


24th Apr. Set out, paid our first visit to Edward at Tickhill.

7th May At Boston. Paid a visit to the Pages, then at Mrs. Nerot’s Hotel 50.

25th To Ickwell Bury and onto Tickhill.

5th Jun. Home. The Stamps were in a lodging at Doncaster for my son to attend the militia.

20th The Cloughs gave a ball. The Rapers came to accompany us.

4th Jul. Set out on tour of Wales with the Stamps.

20th Aug. All home. Miss Hunter married Mr. Allgood of Nunwick.

Oct. Mr. Jas Bethell 2 nights. Took Martha to Mr. Beaumont at Bretton. Allgoods came.

Dec. Grandaughter (Kathleen L. B. Raper). We live and move and speak and think and then excepting some occasional mention and recollections we are forgotten and be it so, for it is of little moment that the creator is remembered.


17th Jan. My Dear Husband caught a bad cold and cough, was bled twice in the week. Had 12 leaches on his throat. Later had 20 more. The Stamps came to see him. Deaths of Mrs. Hy. Brooksbank and Lady Joddrel (a sister of Mrs. T. Bond).

7th Feb. Joseph to Gibraltar.

16th May. We went to Tickhill for one night, then Edward went up to the south with us – met Salkelds and Bullocks at Boston – to Pointers for 3 days.

1st Jun. To Boston. 4th Herot’s Hotel for a fortnight.

21st Set out home, rested three days at Tickhill.

5th Jul. Mrs. Allgood’s first dtr at Nunwick.

Aug. Stamp unwell.

Sep. Mrs. Green died at Lilling Hall. Philippa nursed her. Mr. and Mrs. Astell and dtrs visit.

13th A little ramble with the Astells to see Studley and Fountains. Then to Hackfalls and Harrogate.

17th Astells left. 17th Mr. and Mrs. Cl. arrived with Hy Seymour.

24th Left.

3rd Oct. To Scar. Had Mrs. Henderson’s large house on the Cliff. Full price 12 gns. Hal price from Oct 10th.

12th The Stamps came and Miss Charlotte Guise.

Nov. We experienced a most fearful storm at sea. Saw one ship sunk in a moment and many more had on the shore. Lives lost in it. Too violent for people to go to church am.

8th Home.

28th To stay at Alne.

Dec. Mr. and Miss Willoughby came. Edward for 2 days. Much rain for Christmas.


7th Jan. Dined at Lord Howdens (Grimstone).

16th Stamps came. Howdens here.

6th Feb. The sweet birds began to sing. I was very poorly and had many leaches during a six week confinement to my dressing room.

2nd Mar. Mrs. Bethell and Mrs. Maisters from York Assizes. I felt pleased with their attention to me. Mr. Fairfax lent me a garden chair, not being able to walk for some time.

28th Apr. Was glad to get out to church and be thankful for my recovery.

May Sent a box of green apricots to Boston, having a large quantity from the new planted trees in the village gardens.

Jun. Set out on a journey to Seaton and Newcastle.

10th Went on to The Hermitage.

21st To Allgoods. John Slipper retired from our service and went to board with John Gibson, the gardener, who married Sarah Palfreyman, my housekeeper for many years.

Sep. Mr. Hunter’s death. Henry Seymour and Frank Foljambe here for shooting. Mrs. Thos. Bond and Miss Wilkinson came to dinner, the absence of my daughters. Mrs. Raper came to meet them.

Oct. The old Healaugh clerk died, succeeded by son, Thos. Fowler.

Nov. The Stamps came.

13th Mr. Garrard, the painter, called. He had painted a fine large dog some years ago. Soft winter.


Jan. Mrs. Hunter very ill – snow – Mrs. Raper died suddenly in York. Mrs. H. died. So much snow, she could not be buried at Medemsley for some time.

14th Mar. Stamps came.

28th Apr. Rested at Tickhill. By 28th at Ickwell Bury.

2nd May Visit Lady S.

6th May HUSBAND ill. Dr. Broady. At Pointer and at Herots Hotel.

11th Jun. Left. Travelled slowly to rest at Harveys 3 days.

16th On again to Edward’s comfortable house and thence home where Mr. B. extremely ill. Was bled 4 days running.

3rd Jul. Thank God he was recovering and moved into his dressing room, where he continued many weeks. Had Mr. Bee to shave him at 7 sh at time.

28th James and Mrs. Raper called and took Miss Mac to Lotherton.

5th Aug. Mr. and Miss Salkeld and Mr. Wm. Wilson all drove to Lotherton.

Sep. Ed and Joseph arrive. Then to Tickhill for Don. Races.

23rd York Festival began. My bro. had a house in York for the festival. 4 days. I went 3 mornings, accompanied by the Salkelds, as Mr. B. was too ill to enjoy the glorious music. My dtr, Mrs. S.B. staid at home with him most kindly. Dearest Martha and her three bros were delighted, and went to one evng concert and one ball.

Oct. Salkelds and Miss Mac. to London by mail coach. Mrs. Green of Thorp Arch died. Miss Greaves had been with Mrs. Green.

27th To pay the Bethells a visit at Rise, Miss died on the 20th.

Nov. I took a walk to Newton to inquire after Miss Marshall, hurt in a fall from horse while riding with Martha.


Martha went to stay with sister in York 3 days. To Hull on Miss Graves’ busyness, brought back some handsome gifts of place.

23rd Martha and Edward to a great fancy dress ball in York. Slept at the hotel.

May Stamps and Pages. A merry fishing party with the Fairfaxes.

10th Jun. Jane met with a bad accident coming from the Cloughs in a low carriage. Was thrown out and put out her elbow. Went directly to Mr. Shann, being in great pain. I took her to Lotherton as soon as she could move and to my astonishment Mr. J.R. never came over to see her.

Jul. Mr. Raper died.

15th Set out on a long tour to see N. Wales.

28th The dear Stamps joined us. We proceeded to Aberystwith, a pretty sea bathing place, but no sands to walk on. Had a lodging. Joseph from Ireland for a few days.

18th Aug. Home.

Sep. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bond in such a hurry to get to York, could be persuaded to come in, even tho we were at dinner.

13th I was poorly. 12 leaches on my side. Not out for a fortnight. Allgoods, Willoughbys came.

                               27th Brought Miss Heywood back from Stanley.

12th Oct. Lady Mary York called. Much intervisiting.


Stamps and Martha to Bethells at Rise. Jas 3rd child died. Emma W and Miss Heywood.

Mar. Intended match. Edward and Heywood Mr. Gayskill of Lupset in the arrangements.

8th Apr. Jane comes to take leave before her departure into Cumberland. Lady S. robbed of gold repeater watch (80 gns) etc from her parlour whilst she was in the garden.

21st First drive in my low carriage.

29th Martha and Emma W to Stanley Hall.

3rd May My son, Edward, married to Miss Heywood at Stanley Hall. They went straight from the church to Matlock. The dear bridesmaids (Miss Willoughby and Miss Brooksbank) came here in the evening after dinner.

5th Call on Mrs. Marshall and Miss Miller. John Pringle came from the Hermitage for my maid Brown, her sister being dangerously ill.

9th Mr. B. on a journey to the south.

10th Martha and I travelled 90 miles to Witham Common, overtook Mr. B. He and Ed slept at Barnet. We went to Boston. Met the Salkelds and Bullocks.

25th To Pointers to dinner, had news of fall of John Slipper in a fit. Mr. Shann, but died in a few days.

30th To Brighton till 3rd Jun.

6th Jun. Mr. Brown, the Cobham apothecary, came to see Mr. B. Went to see the Bullocks at Hamilton for 2 days, thought it a nice, retired, comfortable, parsonage house.

13th To a hotel for 4 days. Hired a coach to see many sights and paid a few visits.

18th Set out for home – two days at Tickhill.

26th Jul. Set out on a very hott evening, slept at Catterick Bridge, got to The Hermitage, nice place, evening of 27th.

3rd Aug. We set out with the dear Stamps a little tour. Went to see Newbiggin, a small sea bathing place. Took a drive to see Mr. Cresswell’s wonderful works, a very fine house and garden. Dined with the Tulips, living in their own house, small but very comfortable, near the inn where we slept.

5th Went to see Walworth Castle, then Alnwick Castle, Holy Island from Belford and Bamburgh Castle. Spent Sunday church morning and evening. Had a fire in the evng – so cold.

7th To Berwick to sleep.

8th Went to Miss Paul, a poor inn – slept there.

9th Slept at Brampton.

10th The Hermitage.

15th To Nunwick. Robert Allgood christening, a large party.

31st Healaugh.

28th Sep. The Clitherows left us.

10th Oct. Paid Mrs. Marshall a visit, her dtr married Mr. Gossip.

15th To Scar. To join the Stamps. Mrs. Edmunds’ lodging, did not like it. (Prospect Place). Joseph with us. Staid a fortnight. We returned to have Mrs and Mr. Bethell and Miss Acklam.

1st Nov. The Stamps and Joseph here.

19th A large party of Robert Chaloners called from Newton.

25th Edward Seymour paid us a short visit, left in a great hurry.

15th Dec. Mr. Chaloner’s Bank failed. Sent my servant, Brown, to consult Dr. Hay in Leeds for a complaint in her eyes. Mr. Hornsby arrived. Much snow to end of year.


2nd Jan. Mr. Charles Bond’s death, mourning put on.

5th Ed B. to dinner.

6th . A very elegant dinner given at Boston House to a Royal party. The Duke and Duchess of Clarence from Bushey. Had to meet them, the Duke of Dorset, Earl and Countess of Mayo, Admiral Sir Henry Hotham, Lady Frances Hotham, Col. John Clitherow, Major Dineley, Miss Fitzclarence, Lady Wm. Seymour and Mr. E., her eldest son. Col. And Mrs. Clitherow and dear Mary Clitherow made 16. All went off very agreeable at the old Mansion.

7th. Mr. B. went with Edward to Bishop Thorpe, a civility to the Arch Bishop about the ordination – he did duty at Marston on 8th. Mrs. W. and Emma here a few days.

13th Very keen frost, much snow. The Ice House filled. Major Brooksbank arrived.

Feb. The Edward Bs. went home to Tickhill.

6th My dearest Jane came to spend a few days, drove her in my low carriage to see the Cloughs and to Newton.

11th The Stamps arrived at noon.

24th Stamp hunting – called at the Whartons.

16th to 21st Mar. The Stamps at Mr. York’s at Wighill.

17th Apr. Set out very early, baited at Ferrybridge them by Pomfret to Tickhill. Rested one night. The air very sharp and frosted. The phaeton proceeded to Grantham. My dear Martha, her brother, Joseph, my maid, Fawcett, and Dick Fowler arrived at Tickhill and took us up and all went on to Grantham to sleep.

18th To Biggleswade.

19th 202 miles to Boston.

20th I and Martha arrived at Little Boston at 5 o’clock. My Dear Husband and Major slept at Barnet.

24th To Pointers, Mrs. Page had gone to Newmarket. We took a little journey out 5 days, extreme cold weather.

25th Went to the Sussex Hotel, Tunbridge, to see the place. On to Hastings by Sevenoaks, then to Castle Inn. On to Brighton to new Steyne Hotel for two nights. Drank tea with Mrs. Fuller and Miss Mackenzie.

26th Return to Pointers.

3rd May I, Martha and Major B. went to dine with Bullocks at Hamilton (post horses 2-16-6). 5th Returned to Boston House.

8th To Mrs. Rowes’ Hotel in Jermyn St. for a week 24. Two waiters 1-10-0, chambermaid 10/-, house porter 5/-, my maid charged in the bill. Footman’s board wages 1. Post horses to London 18/10, paid for the coachman’s bed 5/-. Had a coach 4 days 5-4-0, the driver 1. Will Hibbs for our own horses 1-15-0. Ostler 5/-. Amusements in London 8. Total exp. in London 32. Enjoyed much pleasure and saw many dear friends. Away 7 weeks. On return journey, called on Harveys and at Tickhill. Travelled with post horses 657 miles at 1/6 mile.

5th Jun. The best staircase papered – London paper.

6th Mr. B. to a Sherborne meeting and on to Hull.

13th Fairbourn finished the house painting, badly done.

19th Haymaking began. Mr. and Mrs. Foljambe to dinner.

24th Uncommon fine thunderstorms.

12th Jul. Sent the coach to Borobridge with my maid and coachman.

13th We set out at 12 and slept at Rushyford.

14th Hermitage at 6.

17th To dinner at Nunwick. Stamps arrived

18th. Set out on a tour. 2 stages to sleep at Branton. Next day to Gretna Green Hall. Onto Lockerby to dinner and to Beatock to sleep.

19th Had very wet day but to Crawford, Douglas Hill. Lanark, the Black Bull, a very poor inn. To Hamilton, a dirty town, to Glasgow, the Star Hotel. Staid one night. Engaged a pair of horses and a very civil driver for the chariot to go to the Highlands. Dumbarton, Luss, Aracher, a most excellent inn. We rested Sunday, all at church. Lovely evng walk, Cairndow to Inverary, a large good inn. Slept there. Dalmally, a fine hilly road, rested our horses and the S.B.s. Martha and Joseph. Went to Oban for a night. We enjoyed a little evening drive. Next day to Tyndrum, Luib and to Killinn, a very large inn and pretty good, but bad stables. To Tummil Bridge, a very small house. To Blair Athol, a very comfortable inn, but small; kept by the stewards, uncommon civil people. All at church and took a walk over the Duke’s gardens.

31st Took a long, dreary drive in hope of seeing some red deer in the Park called Glen Tilt, some 10 miles, then proceeded to the Fall of Bruer and on to Dalmacar to sleep. A very good inn.

2nd Aug. Freeburn Inn, only a house for a bait. 18 miles to Inverness, Wilson’s Hotel and walked all about, saw the docks. Hott. Next stage to Drumdroicht. Mrs. Stamp not well so they rested a night. We went on to Invermoriston, a sweet wilde spot, but a poor inn and very cold beds. Martha and Joseph went early by boat to the Falls of Fires (?) and followed us to Fort Augustus, a nasty, dirty place, 2 inns equally bad. We baited at Latter Finley, a shocking, nasty house. At Fort William, I was so ill, could not stir out. I continued many days. The two inns were bad.

8th Damp, foggy morning. To Ballerhulish Ferry House. The Sts went on as the house was too small for all of us. The next day, a noble drive in Glen Cow to King’s House where I was really so very ill, could not proceed but was so well nursed by my dtr Martha was able to follow next day.

11th By Tyndrum to Killin and sent for a doctor, not having any more rhubarb and mint-water left. He was a curious old man and said I got the complaint from the bad water, but would find myself very weak, but able to go on. To Kenmore, to Dunkeld. Rested all Sunday. 14th To Perth, a nice looking place, only passed through it to Bridge of Farn. A large hotel, a sort of publick place. Dined and went on to Kinross, a new Inn, very comfortable.

15th To Queensferry, crossed the fine river in a VERY LARGE STEAM PACKET. It rained heavily, was obliged to stay in the chariot. On to Edinburgh Royal Hotel. Had a bad tooth and got a dentist to pull it out immediately. Staid 2 nights. I called Mrs. Radal Gossip and Miss Craves looking very ill in a poor lodging.

17th Onto Dunbar and to Houndwood to sleep, a new inn, a sad wet evng.

18th Onto Berwick, only baited, a dirty inn. Slept Alnwick, a good inn.

18th By Felton, a poor inn to Cambo and got to The Hermitage in the evng of 19th 1,006 miles.

20th A fine hot Sunday for the lovely walk to the church. A charming sweet rain in the evng.

22nd Sent the phaeton home with Richard.

23rd Left Hermitage 71 miles to Northallerton.

24th Home by 3.

25th Took a drive with Martha in my little carriage to see Mrs. Miller in Healaugh village.

Sep. Joseph to Tickhill. 28th Went early to meet the Heywoods for my grandson’s christening. I was poorly with the rheumatics.

29th Lady Scarborough called.

3rd Oct. Ed and family at diner. Mrs. W. and Emma came. Ed and family set out Scar on 5th. Joseph followed on 13th.

16th A man from York to put up a new kitchen, it was a long job, many days work.

7th Nov. Ed came.

10th Major B. to a concert York morning.

26th Heavy snow. A Footman ill three weeks with feverish cold.

9th Dec. Stamps and Major B. arrived.

12th Sent a large box of varietys for the York Bazaar.

19th Mrs. S., Martha and Maj. B. to the Bazaar.

23rd Mrs. And miss Foljambe here for breakfast. From Hutton. Miss W. from Newton to meet them.

25th All except Mrs. S. at church. Paid for post horses 657 miles 138 on S. journey on Apr. 17. Highlands six weeks 1,006 miles with post horses. Our own in the phaeton. The Stamps in their phaeton. Pair of horses and driver engaged at Glasgow.


1st Jan. Set a Box to Jane at Linethwaite. Much snow. Ice hole filled but it did not work. Publick mourning for Duke of York.

22nd Ed, wife boy arrived.

23rd Lord Harewood’s hounds killed a fox close to the house.

12th Feb. Ed to Lotherton.

18th A hunters’ ball at Boston. Stamp and Joseph rode with Martha to the ball. A very elegant meeting.

24th Mrs. Allgood came while he to London to see to dtr’s education.

26th Mar. A grand ball in York – they came back the next day.

28th Again and the men out hunting.

29th Martha came home with the Sts to dinner.

2nd Apr. In the phaeton with Mrs. St to pay visits.

10th Stamps and Major B. left us.

18th Shan and family set out for America – have never heard from them.

17th May Set out to south.

19th At the Harveys. The phaeton arrived on Sunday.

22nd to Boston. The box only arrived on 28th with our mourning for old Mrs. Stracy(?)

4th Jun. To Pointers.

11th To Howes Hotel for a week. 20. Saw many fine exhibitions of pictures and sights in London.

16th To the Harveys eight for a merry teatable.

22nd Tickhill. Went to see a flower grdn at Sandbeck, Lord Scar.

26th Home.

Jul. Martha went to see Miss B. at Lilling. Fine haymaking.

24th Set out on a fine tour out 6 weeks. Kirkstall to sleep. Then Leeds, Bradford, Halifax to Manchester to sleep.

26th Altrincham Sandywayhead to Chester, a curious old town. Rode on to Holywell, to St. Asaph, to Abergany – heard a good harper. To Conway and got to Aber, a nice quiet comfortable inn very near a small pretty church. Staid over Sunday. Proceeded over the beautiful Mania Bridge to Beaumaris, a small sea bathing place. Very flat coast. Did not admire the place. Went on to a new built single house on the Isle of Anglesey. Rested, then on to Bangor Old Ferry House, a very old bad house. A party went to see Hollyhead, the way to Ireland. Nothing much worth seeing.

1st Aug. To Caernarvan, a very excellent harp player all the evng. It was a great treat. The sea bathing not good. To Redgelert, to Tramadoc to sleep.

3rd Crossed over a frightful bank to Harlech Castle, well worth seeing. To Barmouth, a wonderful old town. Built one street over another on a steep rock. Got into a very small lodging. I was by no means pleased, nor did I like the place, and my son and daughter were poorly. The sea bathing not good.

4th To Dolgelly and on to so extremely hilly was obliged to have 4 horses. Rested at Aberystwyth. Mrs. Evans a very civil woman. Rested over Sunday. Cloudy, damp, but a fine evng walk about the old castle.

6th Went on to Aberayon, a very hilly stage, and rested at Lampeter.

7th Had four horses for a long stage 24 miles to Caremarthen.

8th Went on to St. Clares for dinner and then to Tenby, an uncommon steep hill down to the town. Were lucky to get into a large good house near the sea and enjoyed it for a fortnight. Found much to see and good sands for driving. The docks, Carew and Pembroke Castles seen.

23rd Left with regret and to Caremarthen, and a beautiful ride to Llandovery to sleep.

24th To Brecon, a dull looking town. To Merthyr Tydvil to sleep. A large, dirty manufactory place. Got a very bad dinner and a rude tipsy landlady. Got out as soon as we could in our own phaeton as the woman would not let us have any post horses, but finding we were gone, sent the chariot soon after us. To a shocking poor inn Bridgewater Arms, a very near to a curious old bridge. We walked to see only one arch. To Carephilly Castle, a fine, large old castle. Dined in a neat small inn and went on a very hilly road to Cardiff. A fine old castle.

27th To Newport to dine and slept at Chepstow.

28th To see Tintern Abbey, most beautiful and a lovely drive to it. Fine evng.

29th The Stamps left us. We to Newport and Monmouth. I drank tea with cousin, Miss Keynes. The rest here was very good. The others to see Ragnal Castle.

30th They up the Why to Ross. All went to sleep at Ross.

31st To Ledbury, Malvern Worcester to sleep.

1st Sep. Bromsgrove, Birmingham, Litchfield Cathedral service. Utoxeter, Ashbourn, Bakewell to sleep.

4th 16 miles to Sheffield, to Doncaster. Saw a balloon ascent with the E.B.s. Ferrybridge. HOME 4th.

15th Joseph to Tickhill. Saw Miss Greaves.

29th Stamps and Joseph came. In my carriage to Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Birch.

Oct. To Lady Mary York. Joseph shooting.

13th Putting up new furniture in my dressing room.

19th Nov. E.B.s arrived.

Dec. Mr. Mills staid 2 nights. The large pictures arrived – horses painted by S. Gilpin put up in the hall.

19th E.B.s left. 25th Joseph to church with me.

26th My dear Philippa called to see me. The staircase papered. 22 pieces – it cost 7-16-0.


Feb. The Stamps came. They went to Lilling, to Settrington (Willoughbys). Foljames came one night.

Apr. Set out early, dined Tickhill.

16th Slept Scarthing Moor. Dined Ickwell. Slept Hatfield. By Barnet and London to Pointers.

19th The phaeton arrived – on to Brighton. Cold. Martha not well.

23rd Stamps arrived.

24th Went to see the young Astells at school at Rottendean.

28th Left Brighton, to Pointers.

5th May To Boston. Lady Wm. and son dined.

9th A dinner party of 19, including the Blackstones.

10th To London hotel 10 days. Visits, parties, plays, concerts. Left London.

22nd Slept Biggleswade, Grantham, Tickhill. Mrs. Stamp very poorly.

26th Home.

3rd to 5th Jun. Stamps. 9th E.B.s came.

29th Mr. B. poorly with a cold.

20th Aug. Set out for Northumberland. Slept Borobridge, Newcastle, to Hermitage on 22nd. Joseph on 27th

1st Sep. To stay at Nunwick.

15th Home by Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, slept.

11th home 24-10-0.

20th The E.B.s and Joseph. Stamps and Allgoods. Ball. They took Martha.

23rd Grand Festival. All went except Stamp and wife. E.B.s went. Allgoods took Martha to Ball.

27th Clitherows came.

7th Oct. All our dear friends left us.

8th To Scar. Found E.B.s there.

3rd Nov. Joseph to Settrington.

6th Sent the phaeton home.

8th Left. Slept Bridlington. Home

9th. Cold and snow.

7th Dec. Mr. B. and sons attended the election at York.

20th Mr. Hornsby, the agent, died after fall from horse at Selby.


Feb. A dreadful fire in York Minster. Set on fire by madman. Mr. B. and Martha rode to look at the ruins of the noble building.

Mar. Mr. Broke broke his thigh bone.

Aug. We set out a long tour to Devonshire – Stamps with us.

15th Sep. On to London. Boston. Pointers. Howes Hotel a few days.

27th Home.

30th To Astells at Everton for two days.


Jun. Geo. Fourth died. Mrs. W. died.

6th Jul. The Salkelds arr. from Leeds, spent a week with us. Then went to Durham to see the James Bs, then to Beverley to the Maisters, then to the Hermitage to the Stamp Bs. We followed them with Joseph. Went by Harrogate to spend a night with the Harveys.

23rd Aug. The Salkelds left to London via Newcastle. Joseph attended them to see them safe on the coach.

Sep. Allgoods, Bells Hasteds.

30th Took a little tour Bolton Abbey, Skipton Kendal, Stockhill Force, Rydal and Keswick waterfalls. Much rain. Penrith – to church

10th. Lowther Castle and to Greta Bdge to sleep.

11th Oct. Home. Young men shooting. Misses Fairfax staid 2 nights. Astells, with Martha, to Scar.

21st Mr. B., Mr. Astell and I to Scar.

24th The E.B.s called.

23rd A party to Filey Brig.

3rd No. Home after sleep at Malton.

8th Jane and Joseph to dinner.


12th Aug. My son, Joseph, and his bridge came to see us for a few hours.

13th We send off the phaeton in the afternoon.

14th We left at 11 to Greta Bridge to sleep.

15th By Barnard Castle, Alston Moor to the Hermitage.

20th Mr. Allgood came for Martha.

21st Took a fine drive to Tower tees, took a cold dinner.

24th To Ridley Hall.

25th To Nunwick for 4 days.

1st Sep. Mr. B. out shooting.

5th Home by Bishop Auckland, had some road.

14th Made a small round pond before the greenhouse for goldfish.

Oct. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph came.

8th The E.B.s came. Many friends call on Mrs. Joseph.

10th E.B.s to Scarborough. Mrs. Rowland from Wighill Park.

22nd the Jos. B.s went.

26th Jane arrived. 29th Set out at one.

Nov. Had a fine day for journey to Scarborough – Becketts, Cramptons, Farrands, Ramsdens.

8th The S.B.s arrived. 29th The E.B.s left, calling on Ws. At Settrington. Mrs. Stamp’s little dog, Clip, was at last found, having been confined a fortnight in the town.

11th Dec. S.B.s left. Mr. Bell’s great election at Bexham. Snow

Christmas Day – at church.


Mrs. Raper in Feb. then set out in her pretty phaeton for Northumberland.

Apr. Mrs. Page died suddenly. We went to the British Hotel to meet Mr. P. then to Pointers.

19th Martha and I dined with Bullocks.

27th Left Pointers. Mr. P. dined at British Hotel with us. Boston in evening.

29th To Ickwell Bury.

2nd May Went to Everton, took an early dinner and rode on to Wansford to sleep.

3rd Rested at Tickhill. With Ed 4 days. Saw Lady Calway’s beautiful greenhouse in Bawtry.

7th To our dear home. The Cloughs of Oxton. Lady Wm’s granddaughter born.

29th Sent a box of apricots to Mrs. Clitherow.

7th Jun. My son, JOSEPH MARRIED TO MISS JAMES in Northumberland. Wrote to him on the happy event and thanks for bride cake.

18th Went to look at a fine flock of turkeys at the Manor Farm. 25th Hay making. 26th Jane arrived.

31st Jul. Fine dry week for our hay, a very uncommon crop on Gravel Hill.

Aug. The cholera, a dreadful disorder. Many died in Tadcaster.

The names of friends who had bride cake when Jane was married Oct 25th 1813. In 1bs. Mrs. Harvey – 8. Mrs. Shann – 8. Mrs. Fairfax – 6. Mrs. Willoughby – 6. Mrs. Foljambe – 6. Mrs. Smith – 4. Mrs. Wharton – 4. Mrs. Froster – 3. Mrs. Wycliffe – 2. Mrs. Marshall – 3. Rev. T. Shann – 3. Miss Foljambe – 3. Mrs. Price – 4. Mrs. Dring – 4. Mrs. Bethell – 4. Misses Bethell – 8. My Son, James – 8.

14 Aug. 1832. Set out on a journey to the Hermitage. The Coachman went with the phaeton and Telegraft and Barnes to Boroughbridge on 15th Monday to proceed on the next day to Greta Bridge 25 miles.

10th      Boroughbridge                                    1          2          6

10        Driver 4/6 Gates 1/6                            6          0

12 11th Leeming Lane                                     15        0          Return detailed via Allendale

            Driver 3/ gates 9                                  3          9          Stanhope Bishop Auckland

11        Catterick Bridge                                             14        8          Catterick Borougbridge

            Driver 3 gates                                      4          6

14        Greta Bridge                                       18        8

            Driver 3/6 gates                                               4          0          Brought it to a total of

            Mansvt brd wages                               8          0          27-7-0

            Maid & our own exp               1          4          0          plus coachman’s exp

            Carriage greasing                                2          6          6          19        6

34        Took 4 horses a very long                                           _______________

            stage to Alston Loybyer Inn   4          5          0          34        6          6

            a bait at Middleton T                          3          2          _______________

            gates                                                    8          0         

            drivers                                                 4          6         

10        post horses to Whitfield                                  15        0

            driver 2/6 gate                                     4          6

15        Hermitage near Hexham                     1          8          0         


                                                          14        7          3




Mr. B. and wife and Mr. Clitherow, wife and 4 chrn.

Dinner at Otley                                                                       1-1-6;

At Skipton supper, bed and cards (3/6)                                  1-6-0.

Ingleton supper b&B and tea 1-11-6;

dinner at Kirby Lonsdale                                            15/8

Mendal Supper and 2 breakfast                                              1-2-0;

Ulverston 2 dinner, supper, tea and breakfast                        3-8-6;

Lowood 2 dinner, 3 suppers, 3 breakfasts, one tea 6-19-9; Boat and man 8/-. Dogs 3/-;

Keswick 4 dinners, tea 3 times, 2 suppers, 3 breakfast with 5/- meat and wine to Skiddaw 8-15-6;

Penrith 2 dinners, 3 suppers, 3 breakfasts, tea 3 times 6-11-8;

Greta supper and 2 at breakfast 1-10.

Boroughbridge dinner 1-6-0; 41-11-0 shared 3 and 1.


Otley White Horse good.

Skipton New Inn good.

Settle Golden Lion middling.

Ingleton Bay Horse middling.

Kirkby Lons. Royal Oak good.

Kendal Kins Arm mddlg.

Ulverston Sun good.

Lowood Peckhouse good.

Kewick Queens Head good but dear.

Penrith George very good.

Brough Swan dirty and bad.

Greta Marshalls good.

Catterick B (only house) good.

Boro Bdge very good.

Dinners 2 1 18/- 15/- Suppers 1,15/-, 10/- Breaks 1, 10/-, 9/- Tea 10/-, 9/-

Miles 332