Elland, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brooksbank  1435Elland, Yorkshire I1250 Fidgen 
2 Brooksbank, Agnes  Elland, Yorkshire I1512 Fidgen 
3 Brooksbank, Ann  26 Dec 1624Elland, Yorkshire I483 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank, Edward  1612Elland, Yorkshire I480 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank, Ellen  Elland, Yorkshire I1510 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, Frances  1 Nov 1574Elland, Yorkshire I478 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, Gilbert  Elland, Yorkshire I1507 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Gilbert  1616Elland, Yorkshire I1249 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Gilbert  24 Jan 1647Elland, Yorkshire I1261 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, James  1628Elland, Yorkshire I484 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, Jane  1 Jan 1577Elland, Yorkshire I476 Fidgen 
12 Brooksbank, Jane  18 Aug 1583Elland, Yorkshire I477 Fidgen 
13 Brooksbank, Janet  Elland, Yorkshire I1511 Fidgen 
14 Brooksbank, John  Elland, Yorkshire I1509 Fidgen 
15 Brooksbank, John  1580Elland, Yorkshire I475 Fidgen 
16 Brooksbank, John  1611Elland, Yorkshire I1253 Fidgen 
17 Brooksbank, John  1642Elland, Yorkshire I1255 Fidgen 
18 Brooksbank, John  5 Oct 1649Elland, Yorkshire I1260 Fidgen 
19 Brooksbank, Joseph  1654Elland, Yorkshire I1257 Fidgen 
20 Brooksbank, Mary  1650Elland, Yorkshire I1258 Fidgen 
21 Brooksbank, Nicholas  Elland, Yorkshire I1262 Fidgen 
22 Brooksbank, Nicholas  Elland, Yorkshire I1508 Fidgen 
23 Brooksbank, Nicholas  1500Elland, Yorkshire I1504 Fidgen 
24 Brooksbank, Nicholas  12 Jan 1645Elland, Yorkshire I1259 Fidgen 
25 Brooksbank, Nicholas  20 Apr 1645Elland, Yorkshire I1256 Fidgen 
26 Brooksbank, Rev Joseph  22 Jun 1748Elland, Yorkshire I1404 Fidgen 
27 Brooksbank, Thomas  Elland, Yorkshire I1506 Fidgen 
28 Brooksbank, Thomas Yeoman  1330Elland, Yorkshire I414 Fidgen 
29 Brooksbank, William  Aug 1614Elland, Yorkshire I1263 Fidgen 
30 Brooksbank, William  1626Elland, Yorkshire I482 Fidgen 
31 Haigh, George  8 Jul 1602Elland, Yorkshire I514 Fidgen 
32 Haigh, John  26 Jan 1596Elland, Yorkshire I512 Fidgen 
33 Haigh, Mary  11 Feb 1598Elland, Yorkshire I513 Fidgen 
34 Rawnsley, Samuel  1 Jan 1580Elland, Yorkshire I2291 Fidgen 
35 Rawnsley, Thomas  9 Feb 1605Elland, Yorkshire I2290 Fidgen 
36 Robinson, Grace  Elland, Yorkshire I1269 Fidgen 
37 Robinson, Sarah  Elland, Yorkshire I1268 Fidgen 
38 Thornhill, Judith  Jul 1615Elland, Yorkshire I1254 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crowther, Martha  8 Feb 1684Elland, Yorkshire I2488 Fidgen 
2 Gledhill, Sarah  30 Apr 1715Elland, Yorkshire I2319 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brooksbank, Ann  1625Elland, Yorkshire I483 Fidgen 
2 Brooksbank, Edward  1636Elland, Yorkshire I480 Fidgen 
3 Brooksbank, James  1629Elland, Yorkshire I484 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank, Jane  1579Elland, Yorkshire I476 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank, John  Elland, Yorkshire I1247 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, John Knight  1542Elland, Yorkshire I1243 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, John  1685Elland, Yorkshire I1253 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Nicholas  1558Elland, Yorkshire I1504 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Nicholas  1690Elland, Yorkshire I1256 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, William  22 Dec 1625Elland, Yorkshire I1263 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, William  1627Elland, Yorkshire I482 Fidgen 
12 Fletcher, Ann  1619Elland, Yorkshire I479 Fidgen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brooksbank / Fletcher  1611Elland, Yorkshire F126 Fidgen 
2 Brooksbank / Holdsworth  1573Elland, Yorkshire F125 Fidgen 
3 Brooksbank / Horsfall  1624Elland, Yorkshire F127 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank / Thornhill  1640Elland, Yorkshire F385 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank / Wilson  18 May 1872Elland, Yorkshire F2614 Fidgen 
6 Crossland / Lee  5 Oct 1701Elland, Yorkshire F885 Fidgen 
7 Haigh / Brooksbank  20 Feb 1595Elland, Yorkshire F132 Fidgen 
8 Lees / Gledhill  16 Jul 1738Elland, Yorkshire F730 Fidgen 
9 Rawnsley / Brooke  11 May 1579Elland, Yorkshire F718 Fidgen 
10 Rawnsley / Earnshaw  12 Nov 1627Elland, Yorkshire  F716 Fidgen 
11 Rawnsley / Ramsden  14 May 1604Elland, Yorkshire F717 Fidgen 
12 Walton / Saltonstall  1 Aug 1691Elland, Yorkshire F883 Fidgen 
13 Wilkinson / Wood  31 May 1730Elland, Yorkshire F887 Fidgen