Huddersfield, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, Hannah  1777Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8083 Fidgen 
2 Armitage, Mally  1768Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8082 Fidgen 
3 Armitage, Martha  1783Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8084 Fidgen 
4 Armitage, William  1701Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8085 Fidgen 
5 Barker, Reginald Hawksworth  1849Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7827 Fidgen 
6 Beaumont, James  1742Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2312 Fidgen 
7 Brook, Jane  1864Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6404 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Albert Henry  1 Jun 1899Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6385 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Gordon Enoch  15 Jan 1902Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6386 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, Hubert  Jul 1903Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6387 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, Jack  6 Aug 1921Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6398 Fidgen 
12 Brooksbank, John Arthur  9 May 1897Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6384 Fidgen 
13 Brooksbank, Mary  Oct 1915Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6400 Fidgen 
14 Brooksbank, Willie  Oct 1913Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6399 Fidgen 
15 Brooksbank, Wright  14 Apr 1882Huddersfield, Yorkshire I303 Fidgen 
16 Cock, John  1773Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7822 Fidgen 
17 Cox, Eliza Alice  5 Jul 1876Huddersfield, Yorkshire I307 Fidgen 
18 Cox, Emily Ellen  1878Huddersfield, Yorkshire I308 Fidgen 
19 Cox, Mary  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire I309 Fidgen 
20 Dyson, Mary  Dec 1670Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2107 Fidgen 
21 Elly, Elizabeth  1700Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8086 Fidgen 
22 Fiddian-Green, William  14 Jun 1865Huddersfield, Yorkshire I1009 Fidgen 
23 Gledhill, Irvin  1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6391 Fidgen 
24 Green, Richard Brandreth  30 Nov 1863Huddersfield, Yorkshire I1008 Fidgen 
25 Hirst, Hannah  1738Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8081 Fidgen 
26 Mellor, Mary Jane  1884Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6397 Fidgen 
27 Midgley, Ernest  1892Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6409 Fidgen 
28 Pybus, Harry Rumfitt  Jul 1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2114 Fidgen 
29 Robinson, Harry Bray  1879Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6390 Fidgen 
30 Sunderland, Lena  Apr 1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6373 Fidgen 
31 Wilson, Hannah  1849Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6370 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beaumont, Elizabeth  30 Aug 1780Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2098 Fidgen 
2 Blackburn, Sarah  22 Mar 1696Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2578 Fidgen 
3 Bradley, John  24 Jun 1696Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2577 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank, Albert Henry  25 Oct 1899Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6385 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank, Gordon Enoch  29 Mar 1905Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6386 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, Hubert  29 Mar 1905Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6387 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, John Arthur  25 Oct 1899Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6384 Fidgen 
8 Sykes, Joseph  17 May 1812Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2050 Fidgen 
9 Sykes, Thomas  25 Dec 1779Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2097 Fidgen 
10 Taylor, Dinah  17 Oct 1731Huddersfield, Yorkshire I4721 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beaumont, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1822Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2098 Fidgen 
2 Beaumont, James  17 Feb 1800Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2312 Fidgen 
3 Brook, Edith Ann  Sep 1975Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6405 Fidgen 
4 Brook, Jane  1925Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6404 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank, Arthur  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6383 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, David James  Mar 1975Huddersfield, Yorkshire I304 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, Elsie  Jan 1904Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6408 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Enoch  Oct 1913Huddersfield, Yorkshire I99 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Florence  1969Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6381 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, Fred  1917Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6375 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, George  Dec 1963Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6394 Fidgen 
12 Brooksbank, Hannah  Sep 1972Huddersfield, Yorkshire I301 Fidgen 
13 Brooksbank, Helena  Sep 1927Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6379 Fidgen 
14 Brooksbank, Hilda  Jun 1982Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6407 Fidgen 
15 Brooksbank, John Arthur  1904Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6384 Fidgen 
16 Brooksbank, John Henry  Mar 1950Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6395 Fidgen 
17 Brooksbank, Sarah Jane  Dec 1973Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6406 Fidgen 
18 Brooksbank, Tom  Sep 1973Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6402 Fidgen 
19 Brooksbank, Walter  Mar 1927Huddersfield, Yorkshire I101 Fidgen 
20 Brooksbank, Willie  Jan 1906Huddersfield, Yorkshire I103 Fidgen 
21 Brooksbank, Wright (Stone Mason/Farmer)  Feb 1896Huddersfield, Yorkshire I94 Fidgen 
22 Brooksbank, Wright  Sep 1949Huddersfield, Yorkshire I303 Fidgen 
23 Cock, John  Jun 1838Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7822 Fidgen 
24 Dransfield, John  Oct 1838Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2108 Fidgen 
25 Ecclesby, Mary Ann  1909Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6396 Fidgen 
26 Gledhill, Irvin  1951Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6391 Fidgen 
27 Hirst, Hannah  1817Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8081 Fidgen 
28 Pybus, Harry Rumfitt  13 Apr 1952Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2114 Fidgen 
29 Roberts, George William (Druggist)  Jun 1926Huddersfield, Yorkshire I125 Fidgen 
30 Shaw, Leslie  Jun 1953Huddersfield, Yorkshire I181 Fidgen 
31 Spencer, Sarah  4 Mar 1812Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2313 Fidgen 
32 Sunderland, Albert  1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6372 Fidgen 
33 Sykes, Jane  Jun 1919Huddersfield, Yorkshire I126 Fidgen 
34 Sykes, Thomas  1706Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2286 Fidgen 
35 Wilson, Hannah  Apr 1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire I6370 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fiddian, Thomas Brunner  1901Huddersfield, Yorkshire I533 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, John  1841Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8075 Fidgen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Armitage / Broatch  27 Jun 1832Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3339 Fidgen 
2 Bailey / Dyson  2 Jul 1866Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2901 Fidgen 
3 Brooksbank / Barraclough  13 Apr 1925Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2625 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank / Brook  Jul 1886Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2626 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank / Holden  17 Sep 1896Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2615 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank / Mellor  23 Nov 1912Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2624 Fidgen 
7 Cock / Heywood  4 Dec 1823Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3254 Fidgen 
8 Gledhill / Brooksbank  7 Oct 1922Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2620 Fidgen 
9 Hillman / Brooksbank  Jul 1903Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2617 Fidgen 
10 Midgley / Brooksbank   1934Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2627 Fidgen 
11 Pybus / Brooksbank   Jun 1918Huddersfield, Yorkshire F626 Fidgen 
12 Roberts / Brooksbank  Jun 1919Huddersfield, Yorkshire F14 Fidgen 
13 Roberts / Sykes  28 Oct 1840Huddersfield, Yorkshire F23 Fidgen 
14 Roberts / Sykes  22 Dec 1886Huddersfield, Yorkshire F20 Fidgen 
15 Shaw / Gray  19 Apr 1924Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2433 Fidgen 
16 Sunderland / Holden  17 Sep 1887Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2616 Fidgen 
17 Sykes / Dransfield  23 Apr 1832Huddersfield, Yorkshire F592 Fidgen