Shepherds Bush, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hunter, Gladys Marian  1898Shepherds Bush, London I8201 Fidgen 
2 Hunter, Reginald Cyril  1893Shepherds Bush, London I8200 Fidgen 
3 Perton, Augustus Edwin  15 Mar 1891Shepherds Bush, London I8161 Fidgen 
4 Perton, Clara Florence  1898Shepherds Bush, London I8180 Fidgen 
5 Perton, Clara Kate  Apr 1860Shepherds Bush, London I8193 Fidgen 
6 Perton, Frederick Harold  21 May 1904Shepherds Bush, London I8181 Fidgen 
7 Perton, Frederick Thomas  Apr 1866Shepherds Bush, London I8195 Fidgen 
8 Perton, Maud Ethel  1893Shepherds Bush, London I8179 Fidgen 
9 Perton, Violet Annie  1896Shepherds Bush, London I8203 Fidgen 
10 Witcomb, Alfred Walter  1898Shepherds Bush, London I8288 Fidgen 
11 Witcomb, Charlotte Maud  1874Shepherds Bush, London I8274 Fidgen 
12 Witcomb, Clara Emma  1868Shepherds Bush, London I8273 Fidgen 
13 Witcomb, Ernest  1904Shepherds Bush, London I8294 Fidgen 
14 Witcomb, Ethel Emma  1900Shepherds Bush, London I8289 Fidgen 
15 Witcomb, Florence Emily  18 Jan 1896Shepherds Bush, London I8162 Fidgen 
16 Witcomb, Florence Mary  1880Shepherds Bush, London I8277 Fidgen 
17 Witcomb, George Edward  7 Sep 1913Shepherds Bush, London I8296 Fidgen 
18 Witcomb, Herbert Ernest  22 Sep 1897Shepherds Bush, London I8264 Fidgen 
19 Witcomb, Herbert Henry  2 Jan 1872Shepherds Bush, London I8262 Fidgen 
20 Witcomb, Mary M  1911Shepherds Bush, London I8295 Fidgen 
21 Witcomb, Randolph  1875Shepherds Bush, London I8275 Fidgen 
22 Witcomb, Randolph Joseph  1895Shepherds Bush, London I8287 Fidgen 
23 Witcomb, Robert  6 Sep 1901Shepherds Bush, London I8293 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Witcomb, Walter Ralph  1930Shepherds Bush, London I8266 Fidgen