Warley, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joan  Abt 1507Warley, Yorkshire I407 Fidgen 
2 Brooksbank  1352Warley, Yorkshire I4585 Fidgen 
3 Brooksbank Yeoman  1425Warley, Yorkshire I411 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank  1486Warley, Yorkshire I1460 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank  1488Warley, Yorkshire I1461 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, Agnes  1559Warley, Yorkshire I1473 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, Anne  Oct 1584Warley, Yorkshire I1486 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Christabel  Aug 1586Warley, Yorkshire I1487 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Edward  1479Warley, Yorkshire I1458 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, Edward  1528Warley, Yorkshire I1466 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, Edward  23 Sep 1539Warley, Yorkshire I410 Fidgen 
12 Brooksbank, Edward  1552Warley, Yorkshire I1470 Fidgen 
13 Brooksbank, Edward  Mar 1582Warley, Yorkshire I1485 Fidgen 
14 Brooksbank, Elizabeth  1560Warley, Yorkshire I1474 Fidgen 
15 Brooksbank, Gilbert  1477Warley, Yorkshire I1457 Fidgen 
16 Brooksbank, Gilbert Knight  1490Warley, Yorkshire I1462 Fidgen 
17 Brooksbank, Gilbert  1554Warley, Yorkshire I1471 Fidgen 
18 Brooksbank, Janet  1550Warley, Yorkshire I1469 Fidgen 
19 Brooksbank, John Yeoman  1354Warley, Yorkshire I413 Fidgen 
20 Brooksbank, John Yeoman  1453Warley, Yorkshire I1456 Fidgen 
21 Brooksbank, John Knight  1480Warley, Yorkshire I1243 Fidgen 
22 Brooksbank, John  1510Warley, Yorkshire I1244 Fidgen 
23 Brooksbank, John  1518Warley, Yorkshire I1464 Fidgen 
24 Brooksbank, John  1557Warley, Yorkshire I1472 Fidgen 
25 Brooksbank, John  Nov 1577Warley, Yorkshire I1483 Fidgen 
26 Brooksbank, John  Oct 1586Warley, Yorkshire I1499 Fidgen 
27 Brooksbank, John  Feb 1592Warley, Yorkshire I1501 Fidgen 
28 Brooksbank, Mary  Apr 1590Warley, Yorkshire I1500 Fidgen 
29 Brooksbank, Richard Yeoman  1455Warley, Yorkshire I293 Fidgen 
30 Brooksbank, Richard Yeoman  1475Warley, Yorkshire I291 Fidgen 
31 Brooksbank, Richard  1524Warley, Yorkshire I1465 Fidgen 
32 Brooksbank, Richard  1548Warley, Yorkshire I1468 Fidgen 
33 Brooksbank, Richard  Nov 1579Warley, Yorkshire I1484 Fidgen 
34 Brooksbank, Thomas Yeoman  1495Warley, Yorkshire I290 Fidgen 
35 Brooksbank, William  1494Warley, Yorkshire I297 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isabel  12 Jul 1539Warley, Yorkshire I292 Fidgen 
2 Joan  Sep 1545Warley, Yorkshire I407 Fidgen 
3 Margaret  1566Warley, Yorkshire I409 Fidgen 
4 Brooksbank  Warley, Yorkshire I1460 Fidgen 
5 Brooksbank  1525Warley, Yorkshire I1461 Fidgen 
6 Brooksbank, Edward  Warley, Yorkshire I1458 Fidgen 
7 Brooksbank, Edward  Warley, Yorkshire I1466 Fidgen 
8 Brooksbank, Edward  1539Warley, Yorkshire I410 Fidgen 
9 Brooksbank, Edward  1566Warley, Yorkshire I296 Fidgen 
10 Brooksbank, Edward  1571Warley, Yorkshire I1202 Fidgen 
11 Brooksbank, Gilbert  Warley, Yorkshire I1457 Fidgen 
12 Brooksbank, Gilbert Knight  1536Warley, Yorkshire I1462 Fidgen 
13 Brooksbank, Gilbert  1574Warley, Yorkshire I295 Fidgen 
14 Brooksbank, John Yeoman  Warley, Yorkshire I1456 Fidgen 
15 Brooksbank, John  1584Warley, Yorkshire I1464 Fidgen 
16 Brooksbank, John  1588Warley, Yorkshire I1244 Fidgen 
17 Brooksbank, John  1588Warley, Yorkshire I1499 Fidgen 
18 Brooksbank, Richard Yeoman  1537Warley, Yorkshire I291 Fidgen 
19 Brooksbank, Thomas Yeoman  > 1379Warley, Yorkshire I414 Fidgen 
20 Croser, Elizabeth  Warley, Yorkshire I408 Fidgen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brooksbank /   Abt 1528Warley, Yorkshire F95 Fidgen 
2 Brooksbank / Unknown24  Abt 1546Warley, Yorkshire F436 Fidgen