West Bromwich, Staffordshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brookes, Hazel  14 Jan 1931West Bromwich, Staffordshire I597 Fidgen 
2 Fiddian, Beryl  1931West Bromwich, Staffordshire I10810 Fidgen 
3 Fiddian, Carol Ann   I872 Fidgen 
4 Fiddian, Cyril  1921West Bromwich, Staffordshire I865 Fidgen 
5 Fiddian, David Arthur  13 May 1948West Bromwich, Staffordshire I873 Fidgen 
6 Fiddian, Dorothy  Dec 1927West Bromwich, Staffordshire I862 Fidgen 
7 Fiddian, Emily Ada  28 Nov 1858West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6937 Fidgen 
8 Fiddian, Frank Martin  22 Oct 1916West Bromwich, Staffordshire I912 Fidgen 
9 Fiddian, Geoffrey  8 Jan 1931West Bromwich, Staffordshire I864 Fidgen 
10 Fiddian, John Arthur  5 Sep 1907West Bromwich, Staffordshire I913 Fidgen 
11 Fiddian, Matthew Arthur   I867 Fidgen 
12 Fieldhouse, Florence Molly  1912West Bromwich, Staffordshire I599 Fidgen 
13 Hill, Martha  Apr 1888West Bromwich, Staffordshire I5163 Fidgen 
14 Huselbee, Julian Neil   I1142 Fidgen 
15 Huselbee, Neil   I1141 Fidgen 
16 Lees, Ethel Lascelles  1875West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1012 Fidgen 
17 Lloyd, May  Apr 1891West Bromwich, Staffordshire I863 Fidgen 
18 Moore, Marjorie I  Jun 1924West Bromwich, Staffordshire I871 Fidgen 
19 Simcox, Sarah  1737West Bromwich, Staffordshire I7389 Fidgen 
20 Wilson, Olive Primrose  19 Apr 1915West Bromwich, Staffordshire I8336 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Detheridge, Hannah Honour  1864West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1151 Fidgen 
2 Fiddian, Ann  1923West Bromwich, Staffordshire I940 Fidgen 
3 Fiddian, Annie Eliza  Jun 1931West Bromwich, Staffordshire I905 Fidgen 
4 Fiddian, Arthur Ernest  1933West Bromwich, Staffordshire I860 Fidgen 
5 Fiddian, Ethel Anne  1955West Bromwich, Staffordshire I858 Fidgen 
6 Fiddian, George  1904West Bromwich, Staffordshire I853 Fidgen 
7 Fiddian, Jane Elizabeth  1918West Bromwich, Staffordshire I535 Fidgen 
8 Fiddian, Phoebe  1860West Bromwich, Staffordshire I553 Fidgen 
9 Fiddian, Sidney Granger  5 Apr 1954West Bromwich, Staffordshire I859 Fidgen 
10 Fiddian-Green, Charles  10 Nov 1859West Bromwich, Staffordshire I999 Fidgen 
11 Hewitt, Annie  Dec 1923West Bromwich, Staffordshire I902 Fidgen 
12 Jones, Edward Fiddian  1905West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1561 Fidgen 
13 Jones, William Parkes  Jul 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6942 Fidgen 
14 Lloyd, May  27 Aug 1968West Bromwich, Staffordshire I863 Fidgen 
15 Male, Thomas Fiddian  Apr 1866West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6952 Fidgen 
16 McKewan, Helen Marianne  Oct 1929West Bromwich, Staffordshire I918 Fidgen 
17 Paull, Grace Burall  20 Nov 1879West Bromwich, Staffordshire I18 Fidgen 
18 Peart, James  1880West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6859 Fidgen 
19 Peart, Sarah Jane  1869West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1067 Fidgen 
20 Powell, Catharine  1838West Bromwich, Staffordshire I7798 Fidgen 
21 Price, Mary  1933West Bromwich, Staffordshire I857 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moulton, Catharine  9 May 1837West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2094 Fidgen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fiddian, Arthur Ernest  1911West Bromwich, Staffordshire I860 Fidgen 
2 Fiddian, Arthur Ernest  1921West Bromwich, Staffordshire I860 Fidgen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Evitts / Fiddian  Dec 1952West Bromwich, Staffordshire F1942 Fidgen 
2 Fiddian / Chellingworth  1853West Bromwich, Staffordshire F236 Fidgen 
3 Fiddian / Hill  Jun 1926West Bromwich, Staffordshire F255 Fidgen 
4 Fiddian / Lloyd  Jun 1918West Bromwich, Staffordshire F256 Fidgen 
5 Fiddian / McKewan  1892West Bromwich, Staffordshire F276 Fidgen 
6 Fiddian / Moore  1943West Bromwich, Staffordshire F259 Fidgen 
7 Fiddian / Round  Jan 1864West Bromwich, Staffordshire F244 Fidgen 
8 Harris / Adams  Jun 1926West Bromwich, Staffordshire F2596 Fidgen 
9 Hewitt / Fiddian  1930West Bromwich, Staffordshire F3217 Fidgen 
10 Huselbee / Fiddian   F347 Fidgen 
11 Leedham-Green / Lees  Apr 1899West Bromwich, Staffordshire F311 Fidgen 
12 Myott / Edwards  Jul 1840West Bromwich, Staffordshire F3312 Fidgen 
13 Parker /   1825West Bromwich, Staffordshire F3638 Fidgen 
14 Peart / Oxenbould  1862West Bromwich, Staffordshire F458 Fidgen 
15 Peart / Rudge  1877West Bromwich, Staffordshire F2799 Fidgen 
16 Pollington / Fiddian   Dec 1918West Bromwich, Staffordshire F258 Fidgen