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The French origins of the Fiddian family may have been traced back to 1066 and beyond, via a branch of the Vivians, but a direct link has not yet been established. The origins of the Brooksbank family now go back to around 1250 but are unlikely to be traced further back.

Research has progressed on my wife's ancestors. The Peperell and Prater families can both be traced back to 1066 and beyond. The Leaford and Smith family trees have also been completed but do not extend as far back in time. 

Many photographs have been added but I would welcome contributions from relatives on both sides of the family to fill in some of the gaps.


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Eric Benjamin Woodall Fiddian
Eric Benjamin Woodall Fiddian
  3 Oct 2017


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Obituary - Dr James Victor Fiddian, MD
Obituary - Dr James Victor Fiddian, MD
  16 Oct 2017


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Fletcher-Moulton, Sylvia May CBE, JP 
b. 15 Jun 1902  London  Fidgen 21 Oct 2017
Fiddian, William 
b. 1716  Northfield, Warwickshire  Fidgen 19 Oct 2017
Poole, Thomas Gentleman 
   Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Millward, Sarah 
c. 19 Feb 1743  Halesowen, Worcestershire  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Maris, John 
b. 1770   Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Fiddian, Ann 
b. 1770  Halesowen, Worcestershire  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Cook, John 
b. 30 Nov 1771  Stony Stratford, Staffordshire  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Fiddian, Posthumia 
b. 1780  Halesowen, Worcestershire  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
Fiddian, James Victor MD (Cantab) 
b. 25 Nov 1887  Chingleput, India  Fidgen 17 Oct 2017
Fiddian, Sarah 
b. 10 Feb 1805  Halesowen, Worcestershire  Fidgen 10 Oct 2017


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F3315  I7999  Thomas Poole, Gentleman  I50  15 Oct 1806  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
 F3314  I7998  John Maris  I52  17 Nov 1812  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
 F3313  I7997  John Cook  I52  12 Jan 1797  Fidgen 18 Oct 2017
 F3241  I7797  Robert Thompson  I2055  1912  Fidgen 10 Oct 2017
 F3312  I7995  John Myott  I1071  Jul 1840  Fidgen 9 Oct 2017
 F3311  I7994  Richard Clarke  I7807  18 Mar 1804  Fidgen 3 Oct 2017
 F3310  I7893  Alfred Percival Fidden  I7993  1963  Fidgen 2 Oct 2017
 F3309  I7990  Gordon McRae  I7892    Fidgen 2 Oct 2017
 F3308  I7989  John Reynolds  I951  13 Nov 1791  Fidgen 28 Sep 2017
 F2902  I7116  Joseph Taylor  I883  Apr 1853  Fidgen 27 Sep 2017